Sunday, August 14, 2011

Arch and Shoe Shopping

David and Alyssa at Arch

Jeanie at the TOP of the Arch

Shoe Shopping


  1. I can't believe how silly I am. I was in St. Louis once, standing at the arch and I didn't go up. Silly, silly, it must be an amazing view.

  2. Evelyn- going up in the arch is SCARY!
    Paige- It looks like you're having a ton of fun with the family! I hope you got some shoes too ;)

  3. We always pass by the arch on the way to WDW, we need to stop and go in it one time ;)
    This could be on of those double words on Whe.el (I don't really watch it so I don't know what the category is called for sure). Where it could be "The Saint Louis Arch Support". Get it? :) Oh I crack myself up (and it's not that great ;) )