Saturday, August 20, 2011

Church Steeple

This neon cross was put up as the steeple in 1955 as part of a renovation on my former church. My dad was attending first grade in the Lutheran school across the parking lot from the church while the renovations were in progress. He said hundreds of bats flew out when they pulled the old steeple down and for years afterwards the barns all around had an over population of bats. My grandpa rewired the church for the cross. It was a point of pride for the congregation at the time. It can be seen for miles around. It's now considered an antique.


Neon Cross


  1. Interesting. I like it. I've never seen a neon anything on any church in my area.

  2. In my neighbourhood, there was a house with a big neon cross on their mantle accompanied by "Jesus Lives" also in neon. I don't see it up any more. I wonder if they moved.

  3. I can sort of one-up Kanis. There was a house between my house and the main road which used to have mutiple crosses and religious slogans in the yard and the barn. The oddest though was the 5-foot-tall neon "Jesus Saves" on the peak of the barn roof. I notice it has all been toned down now. I don't know if they moved or if the neighbors compained.

  4. Funny how at one time the cross was probably a big time innovation and now it's considered an antique. Neat story.