Friday, August 12, 2011

Tractors and Fruit Stand

Louisiana Relatives on the farm:

Tee and Tractor

Shopping for New Tractors

David and Alyssa

David's New Tractors

Fruit Stand
Red Peppers


Tomato Triptych


  1. Great shots! Looks like you guys are having fun and I hope your weekend is a blast.

  2. My heart jumped at seeing that box of green tomatoes!! I cannot find them here in NCAL in those quantities and size. There's nothing I like more than green tomato pie. I would love to visit that fruit stand!

  3. You don't get fruit stands like that here. Yummy.

    I just love Huck. You should stick some overalls on the boy for a couple shots.

  4. I'm so reminded of a very young Ron Howard. I expect to see Andy Griffith pop up in a photo. :)