Sunday, October 3, 2010


Mom and I took the girls apple picking. Fun but it was a poor crop at our local orchard this year. The fruit was either tiny or filled with bugs. Even the cider didn't taste as bright as it usually does. We had planned to pick about 3 bushels but came away with just over one. Thankfully we aren't making applebutter this year. I've been getting my fix from my parents' root cellar. The boys like to have apples in the combine and trucks to snack on during this busy time when meals are so haphazard. Guess we'll have to supplement with store bought.

Dad and R are burning up the road taking corn to market. They just switched the combine over to soybeans and probably have about a month of long days and nights ahead of them. E is burning the candle at both ends trying to get renovations done at his new house too. Dad especially is on edge after over a month of too much work and worry. 12-18 hour days are the norm. The wives complain about being "harvest widows" while they keep a close watch on their men. The weather has been fair and the crop is decent this year and so they push on.

Was this a post that did not mention my pregnancy or Sweet Pea? Can't let that happen...
I'm getting anxious about going to our first OB appointment in one week. Still don't really feel pregnant except feeling a full uterus more often and when I get up from a low chair or the floor I feel a sharp cramp. Oh and I did crave mustard a few times. Hope everything's going ok in there.


  1. It is always fun to read about farm life - takes me back to my combine-drivin' days! I love fall.

  2. I'm looking forward to our yearly Applefest...I hope our crop up here is better than what you ended up with...we had a pretty hot, dry summer but have no idea what that means for apples since I'm a city girl :)

  3. I love fall! I'm just a little jealous of your apple picking.

    Mustard eating must be going around. I was eating mustard the other week. I never eat that! I'm sure Sweet Pea is doing just fine in there!

  4. Girl enjoy that apple picking freedom.

    Your comment cracked me up. It is still making me laugh.

  5. I'm excited for your first OB appointment - you're on your way!

  6. Hope all is well! Can't wait for an update! I had tons of little wormy apples this year, nothing like the past few years:(
    Farty doesn't care though, he'll munch on the worms and all!