Monday, October 11, 2010

I Heart Dr. Hottie!!

And yes he's still HOT!
But more importantly, I feel so well cared for when I leave that office. I don't feel embarrassed to ask all my silly little questions and you know I have plenty of them. Like: "Will this band of fat on my belly somehow squash the baby?"

When I saw him I practically jumped up and down and asked if he was so so excited like I was. I know I'm a dork. But he said he was really excited and asked how it happened? Hahaha.....too funny. Even more funny that I couldn't make the called for joke: "Dr. don't you know how babies are made?" Cause mine wasn't exactly made in a traditional way.

It was super busy in the office but Dr. H. spent a long time with me talking about prenatal care, hormones and nutrition. I think he's more concerned about my age than my weight but he still says what he's always said when I voiced my own concerns about age or weight. That I'm very healthy and there's no reason to believe I won't have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. Also, that while we'll try to prevent complications (I'm really worried about diabetes), we won't worry about them until they arise.

I explained to him that I'd lost 60 pounds awhile ago and what should I do nutritionally etc now. He said I should eat about 300 calories more than I had been while losing weight. He only wants me to gain about 20 pounds and even hearing that sort of freaked me out. But he immediately said something to comfort me when he saw my reaction. That is why I heart Dr. Hottie!

Then he tried to find the heartbeat with the doppler. This ONE time being fat paid off. He couldn't find it and said he didn't want to send me off worrying. I was able to have an ultrasound right away. My beautiful Sweet Pea is measuring right on target and the wee heart was beating away at 175. The tech said she could make out limbs, head, body and even facial features....but I couldn't really make out any of that. I COULD see the little heart though! My body is making a heart!

Next appointment: November 11


  1. Awesome for the u/s and the heartbeat!

  2. congrats!!! wonderful to hear all this good news.

  3. Absolutely perfect Paige! I am beyond happy to hear how well things are progressing!!!

  4. yay.. sounds like you had a great day. Glad you found a doctor that you adore..he's going to take good care of you and your beautiful sweet pea.

  5. Yay! Glad the appointment went well. It does sound like he's a great doctor.

  6. Yeah!! What a great appt!! My next appt is Nov.11th too!!

  7. That's awesome Dr. Hottie takes the time to make sure all your questions are answered, never making you feel rushed... so rare these days. And I'm so happy you were able to see your little sweet pea!

  8. That is so exciting!!
    and what a nice doc :-)