Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sweet Pea's Sweet Tee

Kindness has been coming from where I least expect it. A teacher at work found some pregnancy books at a garage sale and picked them up for me. Jae has been talking often about getting me baby bargains at Renie's military base. And today I found this surprise in my mailbox:

From my mother's cousin in Louisiana. The picture doesn't show it well but the embroidery is quality and very detailed. She must have had it custom made. Just the type of thing this cousin would do.

And I was greatly relieved at the size. I was horrified at the size of another adorable but to my eyes, huge, sleeper Sweet Pea had received and the thoughts of getting something that big out of my body. But this shirt is so tiny and delicate. I looked at the size of the shirt and then looked at the width of my hips and thought: still uncomfortable and painful but I think I can do this. Then my mother pointed out that the tag said "preemie". Oh...great.

I'm amazed at what people will say to me knowing I'm pregnant. People I hardly know will come up to me and start talking about strollers or onsies or pack-n-plays. Even Jae, who is a lesbian in her late 40's knows way more about all this baby paraphernalia than I do. She asked me the other day what kind of car seat I wanted. I haven't even given that a thought. I didn't even know there were different types but she seemed to know all about them.

Or they'll ask me about breast feeding. For God's sake, breast feeding! It's all seems so foreign. Breast feeding? I feel like someone might as well come up to me and say "Hey, you know you'll soon have ham coming out of your elbow, what are you going to do about that."

I feel very uneducated. I also feel like I should be wondering and researching and wanting all this stuff....but somehow I can't quite make myself do it.

I told my mom I didn't want to get caught up in all the material stuff. The tons and tons of material stuff everyone seems to think a baby needs. That is not what is most important here. She said I'll be running around in April with a naked baby screaming, "What'll I do? My baby's naked! Where's all the material stuff it needs?"


  1. LMAO! Paige, you are so good at making me laugh!

    You know, you really only *need* a few things for a baby. But, so many people are going to want to get you things, that you're going to have to break down and decide on some material stuff you really want, or else you'll end up with 50 onesies all preemie sized.

    The Baby Bargains book is supposed to be fantastic for giving good, honest reviews on all the baby essentials, if you want one reference that will save you a lot of time.

  2. Miss Paige, I think you will feel more comfortable with thinking about those things as your pregnancy progresses and cements the reality of it all (YES! You ARE pregnant!!!! Yay!) You have plenty of time to figure that all out and I am sure you will find it coming to you quite naturally:)Not to mention it sounds like you have a village ready to help you figure it all out!


  3. Too funny! Love Sweet Pea's Tee! I'm sure there's a good reason a pregnancy is 9 months - no matter how long you try to have a baby, it probably takes that amount of time to get used to the idea and prepare oneself, psychologically and otherwise. I'm sure you will give your baby everything he/she needs and then some when the time comes.

  4. How is frightening thinking a baby comes out of there! LOL that Tee, adorable!!! Awwww, how sweet! I had a dream about you last night - we were someowhere shopping for baby clothes together. It's still very vague, I am still waking up...but I know it was you and I think I was pregnant too. Hmmmmmm


  5. Ham out your elbow! Paige, you kill me! I agree about all the material stuff...I've been compiling a list of just the necessities I'll need...that's as far as I've got though ;)

  6. There is a difference between getting really obsessed with a nursery theme, and having what you need--that's the point you'll probably come to when you hit that second trimester mark. We did our registry last weekend, and since we're having twins, it's double almost everything, but we stuck to a list that was heavy on necessities, and light on frills. Also, after all the money you've paid getting pregnant, let other help you feather your nest!

  7. Darn it! I had a response typed out and everything but poof...

    Anyways, enjoy the feeling of not having to plan and get it all done just yet. I'm not big on the material stuff either. Babies need food stuff, clothes stuff, sleeping stuff and something to ride in the car in. All the other stuff is just fun to pick out.

    Not long from now you'll be right in the middle of it wondering about double or single electric or manual. If 19 lbs is too heavy and if you can fold and lift that much with one hand. Pretty soon you'll be begging for that non-preemie sized baby to make its way out to save you from all the crazy prep.

    Oh no wait thats just me right now.

    Till then though, enjoy your goodies and the time you have left with sweet pea tucked in there!

  8. What a cute shirt! (though hope you don't have a premmie!)
    I think you are still quite early on to feel the need to get all this stuff for baby, and you can tell your mum that you still have plenty of time :-).

  9. Once again you have me laughing--oh especially the ham out of the elbow :)