Saturday, October 16, 2010

How I Told On FB

For Shannon --

I posted this for my status --
Q: Why have you been so happy lately?
A: I'M PREGNANT and very excited about it!
Q: How far along?
A: 13 weeks
Q: When is your due date?
A: April 25, 2011

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Melissa: Uh's facebook official!!!! ha ha! I miss you Paige and now that my life is settled let's have a get together, OK? Hope you're not sick or feeling way tired. :)
Laurel: Our clan is super excited for you.
Carrie: It's about time you posted this :)
Beverly: Wow!! Congrats!!
Colleen: yay! congrats :)
Kelli: WooHoooooooo......what a wonderful blessing!!! So very happy for you, Paige!!! You will be an amazing mother!!! :D
Becky: Can't wait... your baby is going to have way tooooo many aunties! Yea!!!!!
Renie: Yep.... And they are not all going to be teachers! This kid is going to be well rounded!
Becky: Aww come on Renie... you'll be a teacher too!
Joi: Yay! It's out in the open!!! I am still SO VERY happy for you! I agree with Melissa, let's get together and celebrate!!! : D
Samantha: YAY PAIGE!!!
Melissa: Yay! I'm so happy for you! You will be an amazing mama! Please keep us posted with ultrasound pics and exciting news!
Sheila: PAIGE! I am so very happy for you! Big hugs and kisses!
Becky: Congrats!
Leigh Ann: Congrats paige I'm so happy for you
Desiree: Congrats! Congrats! So happy for you! What a blessing!

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  1. I just realized I never commented on this - thanks! I needed a little extra courage to get my own post up there. :)