Friday, October 15, 2010

Funny Friday

I have a student, Krishon, who wears very thick glasses. Being a typical first grade boy he breaks them once or twice a week. He broke them at recess on Friday so that even the glasses repair woman (me) couldn't fix them. He tried to function as best he could in the afternoon but he has very poor vision. I think he may be legally blind without his glasses. We were writing and poor Krishon couldn't see what he was doing. He kept getting closer and closer to the paper with his face. I saw what was happening as I scanned the room but didn't put together in my head what was about to happen. I guess he didn't see the pencil and he poked himself in the eye with it. Poor kid. He let out such a yelp and then started crying. I knew immediately what had happened. His eye was fine. I think he was more scared than anything else. I guess I'm a horrible person, but after the fact, I thought it was kind of funny.

We're having a door decorating contest at school as part of red ribbon week. As if I don't have enough to do. I think a contest like this is a great idea for older children but at the elementary level, the teachers end up doing most of the work and the kids add a little art project (which the teacher prepares). Anyway, I took advantage of our one hour early release, when I was supposed to be preparing report cards, to cover my door with bulletin board paper. Wow, what a disaster. I had an elaborate mental plan to somehow wrap the door with paper. It ended up like that episode from I Love Lucy where Lucy and Ethel try to hang wallpaper. I got it taped to the top but it was so crooked and then I was somehow underneath the paper trying to tape the middle, it started tearing. I finally tore the whole thing down in frustration. We have surveillance cameras in the hallway and I'm sure they were guffawing away in the office watching me bumble around. I was guffawing myself. Thank goodness Laura came along with her height and helped me with my redo. Hope we win the contest.

The older teacher who predicted I was pregnant gave me my first public belly rub. Very sweet. I know some people find this annoying but it made me smile. At the same time I wanted to say, "Mrs. W. that's mostly made up of pizza and ice cream, not baby."

From a kindergartner upon coming outside for recess: "It's so shiny out here!"

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  1. Oh I dread the belly rub! At least when it's uninvited!