Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Eclipse of Summer School is Nigh

Tomorrow is the last day of summer school. I'm glad I taught kindergarten for the summer. One day we were talking about what we had eaten for supper the night before, one little boy said he'd eaten rooster. How could you not love that? I'm glad it's over, though. I'm ready for a break. For the next few weeks I'm going to do what I want to do. Fewer and fewer kids come everyday, but we're planning a little celebration for the ones who do show up tomorrow.

S. had gastric bypass surgery today. I just heard from our friend R. that she's back in her room and drugged up but doing well. I've gotten together a big basket of stuff to bring to her when she's home, magazines, soft foods, silly straws for the liquids she'll have to consume for a while. I have to keep reminding myself that surgery is not an easy road either and that she had many health problems which led her to the decision to have surgery. It's not just about wearing cute clothes. I know I'll struggle with jealousy as the pounds melt off her. I keep thinking I won't be able to share or get support for all the problems an obese person has to face everyday. We became really close sharing those things. I'm already struggling and have to watch what I say to her. I'm happy for her, I really am, really! but when I have these emotions I feel like a rotten friend.

I'm seeing Eclipse tomorrow with about 20 people from work. We all read the books together, got caught up in Twilight fever together, constantly argue the sexiness of Team Edwards vs. Team Jacob and saw the previous two movies together. One time in the middle of a staff meeting one teacher said, "I know this is not relevant to the curriculum but does Edward have fangs?" It's been a lot of fun. It was a one of a kind experience to be at the opening show of the first Twilight with that many people. You couldn't help but get caught up in the fervor.

Fertility: Well, I'm finally "on" the calendar and have earned 3 gold stars for doing exactly what I have been doing for weeks. Prenatal vitamin...big flippin' deal. Still waiting...waiting...waiting and not thinking about it much except for wondering if the time to start my family will ever get here. Oh and I made an appointment with an acupuncturist. I'll be driving an hour to get to each treatment.

Weight loss: Doing well with exercise, and doing ok with nutrition. I've been at this for three weeks. Tomorrow is official weigh in.....stay tuned.


  1. Your Eclipse watching plan sounds like fun! For New Moon I convinced 6 of my friends to go to the midnight showing on Thurs/Fri, since I was leaving for a two week trip out of the country that Friday. The audience was mostly 20-40 year old women, so it was a completely different experience than seeing Twilight the year before on Friday night, with the audience full of teenagers. :) I'm not going to see Eclipse until Thursday - super bummed I'm not seeing it tomorrow!

    Yay for three weeks of exercising and eating healthy!

  2. I am SO jealous that you're going to the movies tomorrow! E will take me but refuses to go for the first week after the movie comes out so we'll go sometime soon.

    As for the surgery I understand your feelings. So many of my friends have had it done that are obviously doing it from the wrong reasons (aka cute clothes) because they're young with no health problems and barely qualify for the procedure but many of them haven't had much success and have been sick because they thought it was an instant fix and didn't realize if you eat the same trash as before you won't get skinny.

    I'm not sure if you're on facebook but if you are I'd like to be friends http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=662625542 !!!

  3. Yay for the last day of school - always fun even in summer! I'm jealous you are seeing Eclipse tomorrow, maybe I'll try to convince my neighbor to go. We saw New Moon together cuz she didn't think our DHs would want to go, then her man got all sad and they went again! Did you know I used to live right be Forks? Now we are about 7 hours away, but my folks still live nearby. It is hilarious to go there now because people pay money to buy rocks(!), tons of merchandising from the movies, and see some random red pickup they stuck there that is supposed to be Bella's....silly stuff!

  4. Great on the weight loss front!
    And the time to start your family will come! Waiting sucks, especially when not busy, but it will come!

  5. Did you enjoy the movie? My sister and I went last night. I thought an audience of teens would have been bad but it was the adult women who could not stop screaming at the screen. It was fun though.

    Looking forward to your weigh in!

  6. I bet your enjoying Eclipse as I type! Hope your having a good time, i hear it's better than than the first couple.

    Good on you for keeping with the good eating/exercising. I bet it will show up on your weigh in tomorrow.

    I know how you feel about S. it sucks being left behind. Bitter-sweet feelings. But you are working on it and at your own pace you can get to where she does too. Just consider it the scenic route....might take longer, but worth the journey. xoxoxoxoxox

  7. I'm SO excited for Eclipse! It was my favourite of the series!! I'm Team Jacob all the way!!

    Keep up the great work with your nutrition & exercise!

  8. Good job on keeping up with the exercise. I've been doing so bad with that the last few weeks. It's been so hot here that going for a walk in the evening just isn't happening and motivating myself towards the ellipitcal sucks.
    I'm sorry about the torn feelings about your friend. I bet she would understand though. She knows what it's like to be where you are. Hang in there and I hope things go well between you two. Happy healing to her as well.