Friday, June 11, 2010

Flashing Lights

I stepped on the scale 3 days ago, things aren't as bad as I feared. I'm the same weight I've been for the past 3 months or so. I guess I've had enough good days to balance the bad, nutritionally speaking. I'm thinking high blood pressure is creeping up on me. I woke up the day after my last post and briefly saw flashing white lights in my peripheral vision. I had this one time before during an extremely stressful time. And I don't know how to explain it, but I feel the blood rushing through my veins sometimes. I can feel it pounding in my ears or lips. It's weird. This flashing light thing has terrified me. I've exercised 2 of the last three days, and gone back to tracking food online. Only 3 days in but I feel immensely better already, physically and in frame of mind. As I've said before, gotta start somewhere. I'm praying that I can stick with it and the flashing lights stay away.

Mom, C and I had dinner with our dear cousin P tonight. A few years ago she stayed with me when she was having a rough time. Soon afterward she moved 5 hours north and I miss her. It was so good to visit with her.


  1. Awesome job on tracking and exercising!!!!!
    Glad you got to visit with your cousin.
    Just make sure if the symptoms persist to see a dr.! (Like I have any room to talk. I've been to the dr three x's this year and before that it was ten years since I'd been to a dr--now eye visits and teeth check ups, I've got those down ;) )
    Keep up being an inspiration to me!

  2. Great news, no weight gain! That means the scale will be going down very soon with your new meal tracking and exercising plan - Good on you!

    If you dont notice a change in the symptoms, definately see the doctor. xoxoxoxoxox

  3. Great job about no weight gain! Good for you!

  4. You're doing wonderfully maintaining your weight and adding in. I got a little worried about the lights but it sounds like your overall health is on the ups so I do believe you'll be rid of those in no time or at least wont hesitate to check them out. Good on you!

  5. How lovely no weight gain!! And good for you for exercising!
    Nice to have a visit with your cousin :-).

  6. Good job on maintaining your weight. The blood pressure thing sounds like it could be an issue. If there is any way you can get it checked it would probably be best if you did. There are medications that are pregnancy friendly. I'm not sure about the flashing lights but I know that the feeling it in your ears etc is an indicator of high blood pressure (I get that if mine goes up). Hang in there and good job on the exercise as well.