Friday, April 1, 2011

One Whole Week

It's officially spring break, my friends.

One whole week.

For one whole week I won't have to look at Sarah's snotty nose
or Calise's blank expression
listen to Krishon whine
or Semija tattle
see Gysai dance around and listen to him eternally make weird noises

They've gone wild this week and I'm glad to have a break.

No grading papers
or writing lesson plans
or cafeteria duty
or going to meaningless meetings
or tolerating stubborn and insensitive coworkers
or nagging the class thousands of times to listen or clean up or be quiet.

No alarm clocks
or wondering from bed if I'll make it through the day
or dashing around like a mad woman because I've waited until the last moment to get up.
No rushing to appointments after work
or being so wrung out with exhaustion that I can't function in the evenings.

Yes, friends, spring break is upon us.

Picture of the day:

Waiting for my rainbow.

Still hopeful for my rainbow baby but it ebbs and flows now tempered with doubt and worry. Still loving and missing my Sweet Pea with every heartbeat but the pain seems muted now to persistent emptiness.


  1. Happy Spring Break Week!!! Wishing you a week of peace and relaxation...well as much as you can :)

    Love the pics!!!

  2. Sleep in every day and pamper yourself beyond belief. Make sure you remember to love yourself, you deserve it.

    Great rainbow. Those colours are amazing.

  3. I'm so happy for you that you're on spring break! Whew! Made it to another one! Mine is still 2 weeks away!!!
    I know you're behind me and mendy on the picture thing, but just because my 365 ends doesn't mean I won't start another one...I'm kind of obsessed with it now.

  4. Loved chatting with you tonight! Woo hoo for spring break!

  5. I like your description of everything you won't have to experience this week! Made me laugh about all the kid's annoying little quirks. I hope you have a fabulous, fun and relaxing spring break!

  6. As your Spring Break begins, mine ends...enjoy every second of it, Paige!

  7. You sure do deserve your Spring Break! I hope you get to make the most of it, even if that means doing not one lick of work (actually I kinda hope that's what that means ;) )