Friday, April 8, 2011

Pop In 2

I remembered my camera when I did my second round of pop in visits to MB and JK in their high school Spanish classrooms. I'm loving getting a snapshot of my friends in their workplaces. Teaching high school seems like such fun! Although I'm sure my friends would disagree and I realize I only had a very short time to experience it as a visitor. They really know their stuff and I could tell their kids knew a lot of Spanish. I really got a kick out of them playing "Chispa" which is Spanish for "Sparkle", a spelling game we play in first grade too.

Sometimes I wish my friends and I could all work together is some fantasy charter school or live together in a Yaya sorority house. It would be a great reality series. Any ideas for a title or jazzy theme song?

I actually made the call today.
I am actually signed up for a May/June FET.
Even the possibility of pregnancy is special.
The slimmest chance of a baby is a great treasure.

Let the anxiety and worry begin.
Let hope grow and grow.
Let the praying begin.

The Amazing MB:
(Note what the student's t-shirt says. This is the fourth reference to twins I've seen this week.)
60/365 - 1

The Amazing JK:
60/365 - 2


  1. Congratulations on taking such a big step! Now breathe deep, you've got lots of support!!

  2. OMG! You could edit out the belly rolls on mine!!!
    I had fun with you today and I agree- we need some sort of a charter YA YA school or something...I'm sure all of our students would be perfect in every way. :)
    I'm all for the sorority house too...OH! Now you've got me dreaming!
    I'm happy you made the call and I hope you keep me informed on every little detail the whole way through. I was just thinking that when you have your child, I could be his/her (their?) teacher if you still live in the same area!!! I'll be the old hag in the department, but I'll try to stay "cool".

  3. Great that you've taken that big step... you're right - I agree, this opportunity to have a child is very special xoxo

  4. Aren't those ladies fantastic teachers? Glad you got to see them in action. (and that you remembered your camera) ;)
    HA! a YaYa sorority house. I'll start working on the theme song.
    Yippeee! so happy you're scheduled. Prayers are going up. We'll be there, whatever you need.

  5. Yay Paige! This is wonderful news! Terrifying for you, I know, but so exciting, too!

    Love the pictures today. :)

  6. How exciting! I am really happy for you and proud that you have found the strength. Know I am here rooting for you!

  7. High School teaching can be rough but I am glad that you had a fun day with your friends. Even if you can't have a Ya Ya sorority house, you should schedule a yearly vavtion "just the girls." I'm glad you're on the calendar and am already praying. :-)

  8. Oh Paige I'm so excited for you!!!

  9. What a great day to see the girls in action!!! And, what exciting news for the coming months!


  10. So happy and excited for you!