Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sneaky Finger

E and Dad come over early to tile the last bit of the kitchen. I had previous plans and felt very guilty running off to loaf while they were working so hard. I know all that knee work is hard on Dad and E kept complaining about his hands being so cold at the tile saw on this blustery, wet day. These are generous craftsmen I have in my family.

SC and I went to posh Frontenac Plaza to see the movie Jane Eyre. It was a very dark and there were some scary bits. For me anyway, I'm a scaredy cat at movies. The actress playing Jane didn't have many lines but was very expressive with her facial expressions.

The funny part was that we were the youngest people in the theater by about 30 years. Blue hair, oxygen tanks, and walkers...represent! The super heavy bathroom door about waylaid a few of the sweet old dears.

I haven't seen SC in a long time. We had good conversation on the drive to and from the movie. It was good to spend time with her.

Dad, doing the last of the tiling:
Laying Tile

My clever, clever brother being RUDE!
Tile Saw

As teenagers, my brother and I used to play a game where the object was to give each other the finger on the sly at the dinner table unbeknownst to our parents. For example, one of us would pick up our drink in a way that the finger was nonchalantly up in the air. The other's challenge would be NOT to laugh or if we couldn't hold it in to explain it to our parents without revealing the true game. More than once beverages got sprayed across the table because the drinker wasn't expecting the sneaky finger. One time I was "losing" and when he gave me the sneaky finger one too many times, I screamed across the table, "You think you're soooo smart, well you're NOT!!!" I'm sure my parents wondered why we were being weird. All that to say, as a result of that game, one of us will good naturedly give the other the finger once in a while. Guess it's our way of saying "I love you".


  1. You totally have me in stitches with your description of the older movie patrons today! I was thinking of seeing Jane Eyre this weekend if the rain lets up. The other day I went to see Win Win and enjoyed it. Also cute is your game with your brother, heehee.

  2. You are so very lucky to have a close, caring family. I'm glad for you.

  3. I love your family. They are awesome.
    Your pics are good and I'm glad you got to hang with Sarah a bit today.

  4. It sounds like you had a lovely day out. I'm glad. I'm also very glad that you have such a super (if sometimes rude) family. :-)

  5. I love how your family is so handy!! Yay for that!

    I'm also happy you got to see the movie with SC!!


  6. Sad I didn't join you for the movie. Love the sneaky finger ;)

  7. I had a job where we used to play that game. Often while we were on the phone discussing accidental death insurance. The fun things that entertain us.

  8. I am also totaly in love with your family...