Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pop In

I had the very enjoyable experience today of popping in on my friend MC while she was teaching at her school. High school. Spanish. Two worlds with which I am not in the least familiar except through hearing my friends talk about them.

I want to teach high school now. The kids were huge (in comparison with my first graders) and very goofy and funny. I can see they keep MC on her toes but she kept them totally in line sometimes with just a look. You know....THE look. But there was also singing and dancing. It all looked like such fun. I know I smiled and laughed the whole time I was there.

I'm looking forward to having faces and places to picture when MC is talking about work.
Tomorrow I'm planning another pop in. Who will it be? Maybe YOU?

Unfortunately, I somehow forgot my camera and was very disappointed that I didn't get to capture MC in action.

I colored my hair at home last night.
A job I realize should really be left to someone with a license.
Dollface asked if I had tie dyed my hair:

A hit to the heart from the mailbox:
Hit to the Heart


  1. Your hair looks great. I love playing with hair colour. :) Also, I am a high school teacher as well. English, Social Studies. I love teaching that age. Teaching the little ones would scare me!

  2. I love your hair color. It's fun to change it up sometimes! Especially from a box... good looking hair for a fraction of the cost!!!

    Sorry about your package... it's just wrong that it's impossible to opt out (get the message across) once you are opted in. BAM! Constant reminders.

  3. Love the hair color!!!! High school seems like it could be intimidating for teachers, but sounds like it's more fun than trouble.

    Sorry about that sucker punch that arrived today. I would have cried.

  4. Crap on the sucker punch. Crap.
    I hope the visit is to me :)
    I like the hair color too!

  5. Your hair is a gorgeous colour! So vibrant!
    And boo to what you found in the mailbox...I'm sorry. (Hugs)

  6. I love that you got to see MC!!! I hope the visit's not me b/c I won't be at school'd see a sub in my spot! ; )

  7. Feel free to pop in on me today. In fact my high school will be on the news all morning because we are a "Cool School." I can't promise that all my kids will be in line, but they are usually funny. :-)

  8. Sorry about my slow commenting this week :( Wow... love your hair colour :)) xoxo

  9. Ok so I LIKE the hair color. It's cute and fun. Ugg on the box in the mail. That has to be frustrating and heart breaking all at once.
    I admire someone who can be a teacher because I really don't think I could handle it. I guess that's why I'm a nurse.

  10. I would LOVE if you popped in on me! Bit of a stretch though. I have been trying to dye my hair for over a year now (have a box all ready) but I keep putting it off. You are brave and fun! And perhaps those samples can be saved for future use, since the wind seems to be blowing that of luck hon.

  11. I had sooo much fun with you today and so did the kids. You'd be a great high school teacher! You know how to relate with kids, big or small. Thanks for coming in to see me in action.
    Sorry about the box. Those little bombs are nasty. But, I'd save it. If you have twins, it might come in handy.