Sunday, November 7, 2010


I was able to take the girls to see Secretariat last night. When I went to pick them up, there were still people and children everywhere and I had to wait because Stretch wearing p.j. bottoms and couldn't find any pants. I cringed a little when Stretch asked if she could bring her weird little friend but just said no, I didn't have the capability to bring her. It seemed to me she was pouting a little on the drive into town and I got on her a little for it. After her reaction, I second guessed myself and thought maybe she wasn't pouting after all and I should have just stayed quiet. Later she asked me if I could drop her off at another friend's house after the movie, I told her it would be too late. So hard to know how to treat her. I love her so very much but it seems she can hardly stand to be around me these days and tries to get away from me as soon as she possibly can.

At the movie, Dollface spilled half her slush before we left the consession stand, I spilled half the popcorn after we sat down. Dollface had an upset stomach and had to be taken to the bathroom twice. It was quite the outing. Stretch and I enjoyed the movie very much. Stretch, because it is a great classic horse story. Me, because of the women's rights angle and the horses too. Afterward I tried to convey to her what an accomplishment it would have been back in 70's for a woman. I think young girls like Stretch or older girls like myself take for granted the opportunities we have in choosing whatever career we want.

The girls wanted pancakes this morning and I was out of eggs so we took a chilly early morning stroll over the the farm to borrow some eggs. Our baby chicks from the spring are giving their first tiny pullet eggs. Very cute but tricky to cook with because of their size. E was there when we got there and Stretch wanted to go home with him. Dollface and I had a luxurious breakfast and then played.

I took Dollface home about noon. The new house was in pretty good shape considering the chaos that occurred the day before. I'm so happy to see my brother settled in his new home. Lots of hard work went into it and I hope the have many happy years living there.

Aunt L stopped by in the afternoon with some pregnancy books from my cousin. We had a nice long chat. She asked if I was still on drugs and what was I on. I showed her my IVF calendars and she was really surprised and said I was brave to do all that. As I look back on it, it seems sort of surreal. Did I really slam shots into myself to get myself pregnant? Already seems like a distant memory.


  1. Good to know that the awesomeness of pregnancy will in fact erase all the memories of all the crap that came before it. Thanks for giving me hope :)