Friday, November 5, 2010

Desk Fairy

Ok, so I'm a big, fat liar. A few weeks ago I got sick of battling the case of the missing school supplies. The pencils and other school supplies that I have available for my students would not return themselves to the community baskets. So one night I cleaned out all the kids desks, recovering said supplies as well as filling up two trash cans. I also rearranged their desks because, well, it was just time. The next morning the whole class was just in awe. Surprised and wondering WHO could have done THIS? I don't know what made me say it. It's not like I had spent time creating this big myth. When they asked, I just said..."Looks like the desk fairy was here last night." That's all.

Well, I've been hearing them talking amongst themselves about it now for weeks. Somehow they keep getting more information out of me about this desk fairy. One girl asked me if he was small with wings. I said, "Oh no, he moves desks after all. He's a big fairy." And somehow they got the idea that if the desk fairy comes and finds a clean desk he'll leave a treat inside the desk. And today it happened. I was having a hard time getting them to clean up the classroom at the end of the day and... I just said it. "The desk fairy might come tonight." That got them moving but was it really right of me? Don't know but it's fairly amusing.


I was remembering when E and C brought Stretch home as a newborn. They lived in a very small home at the time. I remember that I laughed because although they had the bassinet in the room beside their bedroom next to a doorway into their bedroom, they still had a baby monitor right next to her head and the receiver right next to their bed. I wondered if they thought they wouldn't hear an infant screaming that nearby without the monitor.

It's all perspective, isn't it. Now I'm planning to have the bassinet within arms reach because I'm a very deep sleeper and I'm scared I won't hear the baby crying and it will starve before morning. I don't have a back up person to shake me awake and say, "Hey, wake up! The baby needs you." I know, I know, I'm supposed to have that mother thing awaken within me that helps me listen while I sleep. But what if that switch doesn't turn on for me?

I shared that with my mom when she stopped by this evening. She got quite sentimental talking about when they brought me home. She said when you come home that first day, everything's so upside down and different. Your home doesn't look the same. Everything's so new and you're not sure what to do. She said she didn't even know how to change a diaper before I was born. They had the bassinet in their bedroom and she didn't get any sleep at all that first night because she listened for every breath and the pampers at the time made a crinkly sound with every move. She said she was tensed and ready to leap out of bed at any moment. The next night the bassinet was moved to the dining room. She had such a soft look on her face as she was talking about it. Not a side of my mother we see very often.


  1. I love BOTH stories! Have a great weekend Paige!

  2. The desk fairy - I love it!!!

    And you are so right about perspective. I love that your mom shared with you the story of when they first brought you home. Great mom/daughter bonding time!

  3. Ah, two lovely stories. I love both of them.

    I don't think you should worry about sleeping too soundly. No that I know anything about this, but it seems like it works out and you can count on the maternal thing to kick in. My mother still doesn't sleep soundly after all these years, and my sister became exactly like her on this characteristic the day her son was born.

  4. Awww.... i got a little teary with those!

    RE:desk fairy... i think its an awesome lie, if you're gonna tell one. perfect and cute and totally helpful!

    i think the fact that you're concerned about your deep sleep means you'll be extra aware. you're already a great and concerned mother - you'll do perfect!

  5. I love the desk fairy and how the kiddies's fun making up stories for those naive enough to believe them.

    I love that your mother shared such a heartfelt story with you....she was obviousely a very loving mother. Somehow it makes me feel better to know that our moms were just as frightened as we are, going into it and somehow they surved, we survived. It's truly inspiring.

  6. I think at some level the kids know there is not a real desk fairy. Regardless, they are having fun with it and it makes cleaning much more exciting (it can be such a DRAG when you're a kid). So I think it's positive all around. Thanks for sharing. Special story from your mom too. - Kristina

  7. Nice mummy-daughter moment. I think it's something special for a mother when her daughter is pregnant.
    As for not waking up - if it makes you feel good, it's definitely good to have a backup, but as a deep sleeper myself, I can assure you you won't need it!

    And I loved the desk fairy story!

  8. Love the desk fairy idea. Good way to get them moving on cleaning up after themselves.

  9. What a sweet post. You capture the moment. What a nice memory to keep.

    Rest your mind about sleeping through your baby's cries. I had the same worries. That sound is like an electric current through your spine. No way you can sleep through it. I make it sound like a bad thing but it isn't . You just can't miss it.

    However, there was one exception when I was pregnant and dosed up on additional progesterone. Ha! Now you know I am telling the truth, not just trying to soothe you.

  10. I remember the 1st time I looked after my nephew overnight...I didn't sleep much since, like your Mom, I was listening for every breath & movement. I think that's what it will be like my 1st few nights with my own Baby.

    I love the desk fairy!