Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This list of potential names is really getting ridiculous. I added another name a few days ago and decided that was it. No more. I'm going to have a tough enough time making this very important decision. I see Dr. H next week and if I'm lucky, I could possibly know if my Sweet Pea is a boy or girl. Soo exciting! And it will cut the list by half.

In no particular order:
Boy Names

Girl Names

Feel free to weigh in.


  1. But don't you find as a teacher it is easier to come up with names NOT to name a baby? I worry about that, though I will admit I have not taught most of your name choices. Is it sad that I have my names (boy and girl) already?

  2. That is a pretty lengthy list for a teacher! I have a list about a mile long of names that I WILL NOT name a child, and a MUCH shorter list of names that I will consider until they are tarnished by some naughty student :)

  3. Did you see "How I Met Your Mother" recently when Lilly was discarding baby names based on her students? It was cute! You have a lot of narrowing down to do... but once you know boy or girl... your list automatically will be 50% shorter!

  4. So many great names!!! I also agree with the ladies on how hard it must be for a teacher to come up with names! Out of your list my favorites are... Elliott, Wyatt, and Everett (I like the "it" sound!) and my favorite girl names are Lila and Quinn! I can't wait to hear if sweet pea is a boy or girl although I still think girl!

  5. HAHAHAHAHA How I Met Your Mother was exactly waht I thought of, too. Hah!

    Ironically, Alyson Hannigan (Lily on HIMYM) played Willow (one of your name choices) on Buffy, which is one of my favorite shows, and thus has my vote. Willow, and Sawyer. (LOST!)

    I should stop watching so much television. HAHA!

  6. So exciting! You're really getting up there in your pregnancy year, lol!

    I like a lot of your names. Lila, if you're pronouncing how I think, is on my girl's list so I love that name. Lyrica is a drug so I can't get passed that commercial. I like how some of your names could go boy or girl. Such a decision to make!

  7. Great lists of boys names! I find boys names so much harder than girls names. They just seem so boring or formal or overused. Bravo :) Can't wait to hear the big reveal..

  8. They are all wonderful names! I have a penchant for family names or names of people that you cherish otherwise. But you really can't go wrong with any of these. This might actually be an arena where the partner makes it easier in one way -- someone else with strong opinions definitely shortens the list down quickly.

  9. Thinking about names, how fun! I like your choices - my favorites are:
    Boy: Kent and Ewan
    Girl: Lila and Kailen

    But of course we all have our little reasons for liking one or the other - in the end, it is about what you like, what makes YOU feel warm and fuzzy inside. :) Kristina

  10. oooooh, names! I once boldly stated that I planned to have 12 kids because I had that many names I had decided I liked. Strangely the cute guy in my class quit flirting after that.
    Some of those are good. For boys I like William but that was my dad's name. For girls I like Kailen (one of my fav pics although spelled differently) and I have to agree with the above commenter that said the Lyrica reminds me of a drug name. Good luck with the picking!

  11. Wow, I'm lucky if I can come up with 5 good names in total. I am impressed and in awe! I like Wyatt, Sawyer and Reed for boys and Willow, Autumn and Quinn for girls. Though I stand by the idea that a first name has to flow with the last name. So I might change my mind if I knew your last name:) Can't wait to hear which of your names you end up chosing!

  12. Quinn, Lila & Teagan are on my list too!! I'm finding this whole naming process very stressful...I wish babies came out with names like when you got a Cabbage Patch Kid...then if you really didn't like the name your could change it.

  13. Soooo many names!! Must be so hard to choose from..
    Lila in Hebrew btw could mean for me (=li) for her (=la) if pronounced as the two syllables. The other way of pronouncing it [long I sound] means night..

  14. Ooo! Fun! I love the sound of Wyatt and I'll add one more that I heard recently and loved: Hudson. Elizabeth is so pretty and you can do lots of nick names like Lizzy or even Beth. I personally would lean toward Elizabeth as in Ms. Eliza Bennett from P&P.

    Have you tried out the Build-A-Name on I admit I have spent way too much time generating names on there and I'm not even to the 'trying for baby' yet! LOL.

    Basically you get to try out the name and it shows what your kid's name would look on first day of 4th grade (in a childs scrawl), on a business card, as grown up handwriting sample. Kind of fun way to envision how a name will look!

  15. DUDE, I am not sure I can help you. My list is just as long and if it were up to me I think my child would have 20 names! It is just sooo hard picking ONE!
    Good luck! I cannot wait to hear next week if it is a boy or girl!

  16. My boy list is one name long - I've had that one picked out for years! But the girl list, it's about as long as yours! LOL

    I hope you find out next week!!!! I can't wait!

  17. Rayna, Quinn, and Skylar were on my "narrowed down" list, which was still quite long. Also included McKenna, which I got from a list that Rayna and Quinn were on. Oh, wait, you're trying not to make them longer, that's right.

    I had a huge list of boys names, then found out she was a girl. Then that list got long.

    It's tough. But when it's right, you know.

    Can't wait to hear your news next week!

  18. Good luck on choosing a name. I had no idea how difficult that would be for me! And I had to pick two. :)

  19. Love your list of names!
    Totally thought about HIMYM and Lily like some of the other ladies. And I like the name Willow as well, because of Buffy too ;)
    I told my work friend the two girl names and boy names (first and middle) and why I chose them. And then my weird way of helping me choose the names. My first and middle name total 12 letters, so I made sure each of the name combos I chose also had a total of 12 letters. I know she thinks I'm nuts, but I don't plan to pass on my middle name or initials (I have the same initials as my daddy), so this will be my something special to connect us with :)