Friday, November 12, 2010

Barf and Blood

The day started with a child barfing in the doorway of my classroom. Stomach bug strikes yet again. Hopefully it's hit just about every kid (and not me) and is on it's way out.

But the day ended with celebrating my cousin, K's 35th birthday with a small bonfire at her house. I love how, even though we don't see each other for months at a time, it's as though we only saw each other yesterday. So many laughs and good memories. With Aunt Alys' birthday being yesterday, we had a good session of reminiscing. Mom especially went on and on about how Aunt Alys and Grandpa died. And that they "live" in her dining room. Huh?? I've never heard this from her before and I think K's other non-related friends might think we're a bit creepy. I guess Mom sees flashes of white or something that she thinks is the spirit of Aunt Alys, Aunt Coco and her parents. I don't know, she sounded a bit, ummm, nuts when she was talking about it. I know she misses them all terribly and still grieves deeply although they have all been gone for quite a few years now.


I went back to the doctor's office today and they got the blood from one stick but it was a slow bleed and they barely got enough. I never had this problem before pregnancy.

When I was there yesterday I overheard the nurses talking and they said there were 62 appointments that day. I am shocked that there could be that many for one doctor and one assistant. No wonder I sometimes have to wait over an hour. I've always felt very well cared for there, as I've talked about before, and Dr. Hottie never seems rushed. How can the time be spread that thin? I did the math and if he sees patients for seven hours (which I doubt) then that time divided by 62 patients would leave 6.7 minutes for each patient. I have had many appointments at that office in the past year and have never spent less than 15 talking to the doctor. Usually more. The logistics are mind boggling. Now I understand why the nurses seem stressed out and harried.


  1. All my PK (pseudo kids/students) have been sick too! Thankfully they have chosen to puke in their Math class respectively, but there is definitely a bug going around. Thanksgiving break is right around the corner so try to hang in there! I haven't felt any symptoms of the bug yet, but being that I am 4dpt I might take it as a sign and get overly excited. God knows we don't want that! Good luck staying well! They all seem to want to hug me when they are icky-stick too, the littler rugrats!

  2. Ohhh I hope that bug slips by without you getting appears it will, which would be wonderful!

    That's funny your mom telling the spirit story and ever funnier you never heard it before!

    The bonfire sounds lovely - we used to does in CA on the beach when I lived there. The new Whole Foods that opened up down the street from me has a firepit outside with chairs around it. Can't wait to go sit and sip on cocoa one night!

    My hubs has problems with his blood draws too - they can't find his veins so he just offers up his hand right away to save himself torture, but from what I understand that might hurt a wee more. :( Hopefully they got enough from you. xoxoxo

  3. Paige.. I'm glad you are in good hands with Dr. Hottie.. drink alot of fluid prior to your blood draw.

  4. I'm so fascinated how Moms can keep these huge things to themselves for so long, then casually come out with them in statements that take everyone by surprise. LOL How could you never mention that you thought the ghosts of Aunt Alys (love her name, btw, in case you needed to add to your list), Aunt Coco and your parents all visited your dining room?

    I hate puke. I thought my medical training would cure me of that, but it didn't. I think I might be in trouble.

    62 patients a day????? I see more than 22 and I'm a wreck. I can't imagine. That's amazing that he's still able to provide such personalized care.

  5. Good to hear the blood draw finally worked. It is amazing how different the pregnant body is. The blood volume thing has been noticeable to me in the sense that I get lightheaded pretty easily. Drink lots and lots of water and hopefully the next time will be less eventful!

  6. I began having trouble with blood draws after my first month on clomid and now take a baby aspirin daily to try to offset it. So I do understand that.

    Definitely try to stay away from the stomach bug. My digestive system is still not back to normal. :-(

  7. I always have a hard time giving blood. I've had it taken from my hand, my wrist, even my foot because they can never find a vein in my arms.
    Stay away from that icky bug! Better yet, bottle it and send it to your asshole pastor as a little gift...

  8. Glad they got the blood and I hope you avoid the barfing.