Sunday, November 21, 2010

Waiting For Flutters

I'm 18 weeks pregnant!! But I still haven't felt the baby move. I did think I felt a couple flutters a week or so ago but nothing at all since then. I've had terrible sinus drainage that has caused a deep cough. Could that somehow damage a baby? I know that we fat chicks have to wait a little longer to feel movement so I'm trying not to worry.

Yesterday, Mom went with me to the Hardware Megamart to price kitchen cabinets. I was really shocked that the quality and the pricing was comparable to the other small kitchen design place that I've consulted. Also, the service was actually better with Megamart Guy than with the Kitchen Designer. KD took two weeks to get my designs back to me and was working on a 1995 computer with the old blue and grey screen and big block letters. KD was also highly distractable and would go off on unrelated topics. MG was focused and really seemed to know what he was talking about. He got my designs which included 3-D drawings and quotes back to me within hours and had every option priced out. This kitchen is very small and will be small even with a wall knocked down. It's been difficult because I have Mom, Dad and E making suggestions and there are so many ways it could be done. These are choices I'll have to live with for a long time and I have limited funds so I must make my choices carefully.

Last night, I was able to go to the Melting Pot to celebrate an ex-coworkers birthday. I normally wouldn't have gone because I'm not very close to the birthday girl but another co-worker was going and we've been trying to go to the Melting Pot together for ages so we took this opportunity to experience it together and celebrate her birthday with her. Awesome experience and great food. I'm trying to get my aunt and cousins to go during the holidays.

Mom and Dad came over for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner today. However, when Dad cut into the turkey breast it was raw in the middle. Not sure what went wrong since I followed the directions on the package. Must be the oven, I really do need a new kitchen! Anyway, in a style true to our family, we ate dessert and then Dad went with me back to the Hardware Megamart.

He and my brother will be doing most of the work for the kitchen remodel so I think Dad wanted to reassure himself that MG knows what he's talking about and that the materials were quality. I've never opened and shut so many doors and drawers in my life. Dad seemed pleased with what MG had to say and with the materials. MG even answered our question about venting the stove which has been a big challenge.

When we got back to my house, my mom was warming up the side dishes and the turkey was done to perfection. As a warm up to the biggest eating day of the year, I'd say it was a success even though the food was served three hours late. I'm thinking another piece of pumpkin pie dessert will make the perfect late supper.

Oh and remember that two pounds I dropped?
They are now mocking me from my hips with three or four of their best friends.


  1. Nah, sweet pea is just fine in there, I'm sure. I had a few bouts of high fever with Jett which is far worse on the baby.
    I wouldn't worry about movement either yet.
    I'm sure your baby is just getting ready to bust out with the big kicks soon!
    Reading about your dinner is doing nothing for my turkey cravings. I usually don't eat but I've been wanting it and that "cooked to perfection" line isn't helping me any!

  2. I can almost promise you that you did feel Sweet Pea earlier this week when you felt the flutters. You'll be more confident in it the next time.

    I want some pumpkin pie SO badly and some melting pot dessert! YUM!

  3. I haven't felt a thing either - and I know he's in there, pushing against my uterus, since I saw it on the ultrasound! My sister said she didn't feel anything with either pregnancy until after 20 weeks, so I know it's normal. But it would still be nice to feel some flutters on a regular basis!

    I feel like we really are pregnancy twins - with your renovations getting started now, too! Now you just need to find out what flavor of baby you're having! I can't believe you have to wait so long!

  4. I'm a 'well padded' girl too, and didn't feel my 1st baby til 22 weeks! The u/s tech thought I was nuts because Ceara was kicking the hell out of my bladder and I didn't feel a thing.
    With Farty, I was feeling movement between 16-17 weeks, but I wad told its because I was 'stretched out and knew what to expect.' Very flattering, lol.
    Your remodel sounds great!

  5. Before you know it that kid will be kicking that crap outta your belly and kidneys :)

    Don't beat yourself up about the weight - Tonight I ate 5 cookies worth of uncooked dough ;) And I keep trying to tell myself some extra weight is because of the cyst - ha!

  6. I am having really bad allergies and coughing like a TB patient for the last month or so (pregnany rhinitis, nice...). My dr said that coughing, even violent coughing can't hurt the baby. Sp, I say don't worry abou it.

    I wasn't sure about the movement until 20 weeks. And if I am moving around I still don't feel her moving much, mostly when I am sitting still or laying in bed.

    congrats on 18 weeks! yippee!

  7. Doesn't how you well you feel the baby depend on placement of the placenta? Like, if you have an anterior placenta (I think) you are less likely to feel the baby?

    I can get the worry though, but it sounds like a) its too soon, and b)you should see if the placenta placement is an issue to you feeling the baby move!

  8. I've only just been sure I was feeling Baby & I'm 24 weeks & chubby so try not to worry...

  9. I never really felt the flutters. My friend she felt it (said it was like little fish inside) and she was twice the size of me. I'd say some feel them and some don't.
    Coughing cannot harm the baby. Not at all.
    How exciting - your 18 weeks !!

  10. PS. Though coughing won't hurt the baby, it may hurt your dignity when you pee your pants a little...I started wearing a pad every day from about 20 weeks, lol.