Monday, November 8, 2010

Clever Title Here

I sent two children home today with stomachaches and there were a few absent as well. I'm praying my teacher's immune system is able to keep me protected from all my germy little students. I'm having a time with my boys. I have two passes hung by the door and the kids know that if one pass is gone they have to wait because only one person can be gone from the room at a time and they know they can only invoke this privilege at certain times (not when I'm teaching). Those little stinkers have been randomly sneaking out of the room and "going to the bathroom". What the heck they do in there, I have no idea. I revoked their pass privileges today. They have to ask me individually to use the bathroom until they show me they can be responsible. Grr

When I was driving past my parents' on the way home, I saw Dollface sitting in the middle of their long driveway crying. Thinking she was hurt, I stopped. When I got out of the car she cried out, "Maw Maw gets too much mail!" Her job is to get the mail everyday as she gets off the bus and I guess today it was a very big job. It was scattered all around her. I guess as she walked a piece would drop and when she would try to pick it up a different piece would fall. She had thrown everything down in frustration and was just bawling. I dried her tears and rolled the mail up in a tight roll she could carry and sent her on her way.

I showed my parents my big list of names. They had the opposite reaction that I thought they would. Mom was very supportive and said she liked them all but gently tried to steer me away from the harder sounding names like Kent and Clint. Dad was quite critical in a humorous way, saying things like, "Weston is a hotel chain." and "Willow is a tree not a girl's name." I thought my mom would have been the critical one and my dad the more neutral one.

Dad also asked that I do not use a common name. His name is William and another boy in his grade was also William. He was told that he would be called William and the other boy Billy. It was like that until after high school and he hated being told what he would be called. His uncle called him Cottontop for his white blond hair and around the family they called him Billy, Cottontop or just Cotton. I can still hear my grandma's voice when she would say "William" to get after her adult son. I love the story but I hope my kid doesn't end up with a nickname like that.

I also shared the list at work and I'm having fun seeing what people "vote" for. I need all the help I can get. Can't believe someone's letting me name a kid.


  1. Oh you must share names with us, we will help vote too! How fun!

    I really felt for Dollface, I remember being her age and become so frustrated I would cry. Poor honey....good thing you came to her rescue. xoxoxoxox

  2. Paige, please check on your CMV status (I'm CMV negative). If you're negative, it's really critical that you do not pick up that pesky virus from one of your students. You'll be fine; baby won't fare as well. I've been super paranoid about it during the pregnancy. Thankfully, despite allergies, congestion going on 3 months, acid reflux and heartburn that keeps me up and literally crying at night, peeing every twenty-three and a half minutes and pretty intense pelvic pain, I've not experienced a single cold or fever or that type of illness. I've steered clear of children (not so tough to do in my world) and anyone who looks like they might be even remotely ill.

    Of course, if you've been CMV+ then this was all for nothing and you can relax. :)

  3. You're already a great parents. I can tell from the way you talk about Dollface, Stretch and your kids at school...

  4. I would kind of second what your dad says about common names. I swear everywhere I've been there are usually several Michelle's with various spellings. Good luck on narrowing the list down.

  5. Oh and as far as all the sick kids go? Wash your hands constantly and don't touch your face. I know. I'm not very good at that either. Hope you're able to ward off all the germies.

  6. I'm with you! I can't believe I have to name a kid...the only thing I ever named was a cat I had & it turned our to be Whiskey-Joe-Kitty-Kat-Greg...good thing I won't be naming my baby when I'm drunk, lol ;)