Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hoof Trimming

First, the cow is walked through a shoot to stand next to the hoof trimming table. The table then tilts so the cow is on her side and the hooves accessible to the hoof trimmer. Most of the cows are accustomed to this and they remain calm. Most cows get a minor trimming but this cow had a serious abscess under her hoof so most of it was ground away to drain the hoof. Like cutting our fingernails, this does not hurt the animal and they feel relief once the pressure of the abscess is gone.
Grinding Hoof

A precut wooden support is glued to the hoof after trimming.
Gluing on Wooden Support

This takes the pressure off the abscessed side of the hoof so it can heal. It remains on the hoof until it wears away or is removed at the next hoof trimming session.
Wooden "Wedge" Under Injured Foot

Wrapped up with blue vetwrap.
129/365 - 1

New Footwear

Checking out her fancy new footwear.
129/365 - 2


  1. This is seriously amazing. I never knew. I love this kind of stuff. The first picture is very cool with all those bits of hoof flying and I love the one where she's checking out her foot.

    I should have been born on a farm.

  2. I <3 moo cows & thanks for the info on the bovine pedicures :) interesting stuff!

  3. Wow! It does amaze me that the cow is lying so still. I am such a control freak that I think when the table started moving, I'd be trying to get away. I'm glad there are electric grinders now. I don't even want to think about how it was all done in the "olden days." :-)

  4. cool... thanks for posting this!

    I am sorry to see you changed the name of your blog. I hope it does not fit your story for very long and you have to change it again.

    love, inB

  5. Nell, not all farmers are able to use electric grinders, some still trim the cows feet the "old fashioned way" with a special type of knife but it still is painless if done correctly.

    Paige, I have never seen a piece of wood used before, only the fancy plastic stuff. But hey, why not use wood? At least when it falls off it just decays over time!

  6. I miss working with animals! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures, and taking me back in time!

  7. I have to agree with Evelyn. Great captures with the bits flying and then checking out the new Jimmy Moo's (he he get it jimmy Choo's). Glad you went back to get the camera.

  8. I love the pic of the cow looking at the blue stuff on it's feet. How funny.