Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

The first holiday since my baby died that didn't nearly stop my heart although now writing about it I am feeling a little of that hard to breathe, punched in the stomach feeling.


Dad and I dropped Clara B. Dog and their Chihuahua, Tessa, off to be shaved for summer and then we took a long bike ride. I wish I could be more like my dad. He sees everything in such a good light always. Very positive about every thing no matter how wretched it may seem.


We got an ice cream and then picked up the dogs. Dad was so sweet the way he talked to Tessa and made funny noises at her. She really did look so cute with bows in her ears. And Clara B. Dog didn't look too shabby herself.

I made tacos for the whole clan here this evening and now everything is quiet. Too quiet.

It was so sweet to see Tessa run up to Mom. She was so excited as though she'd been away for weeks, dancing and seemed to be showing off her new haircut and bows. Mom is in her gardening gear. Yes, that would be no bra and a Bruce Springsteen style headband.

Clara B. Dog with her summer 'do.
Summer Haircut


  1. Clara B looks gorgeous. I think your father sounds like a wonderful man!
    Can't wait to see you in a few days.

  2. Your family sounds like such a blessing.

  3. Clara looks like she is ready for summer. I'm glad you were able to spend Father's Day with your dad. He sounds like a really good man. Thinking of you.

  4. How cute are e pups!?! I love Clara put on a show for your mom!!! I garden braless too at times, sometimes in a bikini (Not Attractive at all!!!)

    Your dad sounds so sweet, I love how he takes care of everyone in his own special way.

  5. Your dad sounds swell. Just swell. And your mom looks cute! I love her getup!

  6. Bra-less Bruce. Love it! ha.
    The pups look pretty and so cute the way they are showing off. There is something about a dog that makes men melt.