Thursday, June 9, 2011

Karate Chopping Doubt

Yesterday I had slight cramping and thrumming and a full feeling down there in Uterustown. And a singing, happy, giggling heart. I was totally flooded with giddy confidence that I was pregnant. Today those slight symptoms are floating away and so is my confidence. I'm trying to karate chop the doubts but, you know, they nag at me and it's tough.

That cramping could have been from the procedure itself, the doctor just stirring things up down there, couldn't it?
HIIII-YAAAA! No way....I'm pregnant. Pregnant, do you hear me????

So the bad news is, my camera is on the fritz. The funny news is, when my bro and I were talking about me buying his camera a few months ago, he said he would have to arrange it so he could get a new camera before passing his old one along to me because he wouldn't be without a camera. I laughed at that because who can't live for a while without a camera.

Ummm....these days I eat those words because that now would be me who can't seem to be without a camera nearby. I have my old point and shoot (No, no, no. I won't go back, don't make me.) and my bro has agreed to let me borrow his new one while he looks at my old one. Don't know whether to wish the old camera is ok because I'm still learning about it and can't really afford a new one right now....or wish the old camera is kaput because....doi...NEW CAMERA!!!

Some of my favs from my own mini-photo shoot at our farm:

Number 5

From Inside Hay Barn and Dixie Dog

Oil House and Gas Tanks


  1. I think the cramping was the burrowing in of the embryos.

    Ha, I'm the same way with my camera. Mine is in the shop and I borrowed my dad's. If I couldn't have borrowed one I would have bought a new one.

  2. Let Optimism give doubt some judo chops and kicks!!! You could take a Road Trip "Down South" to occupy your time. :-)

  3. {♥} There's a hug. It's normal to have panicky moments when you're pregnant. I've had lots of friends that have had cramping, and even spotting, in early pregnancy and things came out just fine. I'm sure after having a procedure that's normal. Try to relax and Karate-Chop those thoughts away often.
    I can not even bear the thought of having to go without my camera for any amount of time! You must do what you can to fix that!
    If it's those spots that were happening in Chicago, it's probably just dust on your sensor and they can clean it at CCC...I wouldn't recommend trying that yourself because you can really mess it up.

  4. Say goodbye to negativity and hello to positivity! All good thoughts your way, P!!! xoxox