Saturday, June 11, 2011

Singalong Flop

I've been looking forward to this evening for weeks. For Mother's Day, C and I got tickets for us all to go see the Singalong Sound of Music. SC and I went to this event several years ago and I remember it been so much fun. This is a movie we all love and I thought it would be such a great thing to share this experience with the women in my family.

Well, I could yammer on here about my immature and negative mother, my impatient, knowitall sister-in-law, moody teenaged niece, whiny younger niece and my own mopey self. But what good would it do? I should have known better than to plan a big event like this for us all and think that it would live up to my expectations. Who the hell did I think we were, The Waltons? I think and hope the others at least had a pleasant time.

Literally as we stepped outside the door of Powell Hall, a huge storm blew up so we had to walk very fast to the car (I'm not supposed to do any kind of aerobic activity post embryo transfer). The drive home was terrifying. It was raining very hard and I couldn't see worth a shit. My sister in law was crying and screaming in the back seat (not exaggerating...things like "OH MY GOD! WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!). Stretch was actually comforting her mother. Dollface was totally still and silent. I'm pretty sure she was right though, I almost got us killed a few times. I was so scared.

Can embryos be scared away?
I'm really grateful to be home and will be saying an extra prayer tonight for sure both for my family and my embryos.

At City Diner before the show:
City Diner with the Girls


  1. I can't speak for you, but I still have problems letting go of my Norman Rockwell expectations for my life and my family. They always blow up in my face, but I still keep trying. I like to think it's a sign of optimism. From the picture, as least the evening started off well. As always, saying prayers for you.

  2. I think your embryos will know how capable their mommy is and how well they will be taken care of.

    Your SIL sounds like a little bit of an overreactor (nice way to scare the crap out of her kids). Please don't let her babysit.

  3. Jeez- I can't believe that C was acting like that in front of her kids?! Seriously, that's usually how my kids flip out, but I'd never say "we're all gonna die" in front of them...
    Sorry the Waltons didn't make an appearance for you- they never make an appearance in my family either. I think we children of the 70s and 80s were lead to believe that families were like that, when in truth, I don't know anyone who has a family that is always on the same page.
    I'm so sorry your evening didn't work out very well, but your picture turned out great. I wish we could have been out shooting the storm husband and kids were complaining and moaning how boring the lightning storm was while I was out taking pictures in the whipping wind...seriously?

  4. Sorry the singalong sucked, but I'm glad you and the embies made it home okay.
    I missed you bunches while I was away. I'm so excited about the babies. I told my roomies about the Getting pregnant day. They're saying prayers too. Love you

  5. Ugh, I hate when I have high expectations like that and they don't follow through. When you look back on it maybe it will be funny down the road....just a thought?