Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bathing Memo

Part of a memo from our principal. The gossip is that this was district wide.

"This is a professional place and you are viewed as an expert by your coworkers, students and parents. Please remember to come to work neatly dressed at ALL times. Loungewear, dirty, wrinkled, and very revealing clothing are inappropriate for the workplace. Your hair should be combed neatly and your body should be clean."

We all had a good laugh. Really? Hard to believe that someone in the district is not grooming thier hair or bathing! None of us could figure out who this memo might be directed to. Certainly no one in my building, in my opinion.

Lucky for me I take a bath every Saturday night, weather I need it or not! LOL


  1. Wow - some things should really go without saying, sad when you have to be told to bathe, brush your hair or iron your clothes. LOL

    So I was just thinking, do you get to return to Dr Hottie soon?!