Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Picture Project

I've been working on finishing this project:

The shelves have been painted for weeks, but I'm just now getting around to finding frames for all the pictures. So many cherished photos, this is only a fraction of the ones I'd like to put up. I wonder if the shelf is overwhelmed and too busy looking but I have a very limited space to hang photos.

My grandparents have all passed away as well as my beloved great-aunts, Aunt Alys and Aunt Coco. I miss them terribly and I often wonder what they would have thought about my situation. Single and pregnant by donor egg and donor sperm. Part of me thinks it would be beyond their reckoning, futuristic and sci-fi sounding. Heck, I barely believe it has happened, myself. I think that each of them, in their own way, would have been judgy. I know the aunts would have swooned to think of an unmarried mother in the family. Oh, the scandle. It would have been talked around the whole family, I'm sure.

But Aunt Alys was married to my Uncle Mick and they were childless. Aunt Coco was unhappily unmarried because she fell in love with a Catholic boy and her parents forbid her to marry him and of course she was childless, too.

Perhaps they would understand some of the heartbreaking longing I've gone through. Maybe they would have seen that I just could NOT stop the journey toward this, the biggest of any dream I've ever had. That something far bigger than myself was propelling me forward, no matter what challenges were faced. Perhaps if they had been born in a different time, in different situations, each of them may have thought about going forward the way I have.

I know they would have all loved my baby when it made it's appearance.


  1. I love the photo shelf project! Not too busy at all, but then again I have family photos all over my house so I'm probably not the best judge.

    I think that your aunts would have totally "gotten" you and admired your strength to break ground and go your own way. Women who have been "let down" by the system are often the most open minded when it comes right down to it. I wish you could have talked with them about it all...

  2. Nice job on the photo shelf- it's lovely! Very thoughtful dedication to your family.

    I think your aunts may have been confused by the modern technology of making babies, but I bet, them being childless themselves, they probably would have proud of you and if in your shoes, would have done the same thing. A teeny tiny pary of them may have envied a good way and why not?! It's all good. xoxoxox

  3. I love it! And I agree, not too busy at all.

    I'm willing to bet your Aunts would be thrilled that you're pregnant with donor sperm and egg! A few of the older people I've told have been some of the most supportive.

  4. I don't think it looks too busy either, it looks great! Your aunts may have surprised you...I know my Gramma did! She's 92 & thought she'd be judgy but though she wished I could have done this the old fashioned way, she was proud that I was making my own life instead of waiting for life to happen to me. I was surprised!

  5. I too deal with the opinions or beliefs of family members that may not approve of my choices. However, I know in my heart that what we have done is right and God has been with us every step of the way.
    It is also amazing how the smile from a baby can change outlooks immediately! I am sure your aunts would have loved your baby unconditionally!

  6. So hard to know what "might have been" - but there was no option like this for your aunts. We do live in amazing times. And like you said, regardless of what they thought of your methods of conceiving, they would have loved the baby!