Friday, September 10, 2010

Pregnancy Nirvana

I think I've discovered a state between earth and heaven. Early pregnancy. I'm still having zero symptoms of any kind. An inflated sense of enhanced well-being prevails. I wish there was a way I could verify daily that I actually am pregnant. An at-home ultrasound machine, maybe?

My eyes are wide open about what is coming at me. I know there will come a time when challenges prevail.

I just read an article today that said that overweight women have much greater risk of gestational diabetes, preclamsia as well as "miscarriage, preterm labor, high blood pressure, certain birth defects, postpartum hemorrhage, postpartum blood clots, postpartum pneumonia, postpartum depression, c-section wound infection, having a large baby, having a baby that gets stuck on the way out, and having a c-section." Stuck on the way out??? Yikes!

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I've read some of the beautifully and brutally honest blogs of new mothers. I'm aware that mothering a newborn on my own will be the toughest thing I've ever done. I know there will be fatigue, screaming, poop, no sleep, lots of worry, barf, mountains of laundry and so much more I'm not aware of. C said it best. It won't be like whatever you think it will be like.

Not to mention, mothering a teen. Ugh. And sending a child off to college? When I'm close to 60? Ummm, paying for college when I'm supposed to be thinking about retirement?

But for now that all seems so very far away and I'm cherishing every moment of this pregnancy nirvana. Banking these precious moments for when times get tough. That old Frank Sinatra song runs through my head everyday:
"Fairy tales do come true. It could happen to you...."


  1. This is going to be a great post to look back on when all those pregnancy signs kick in :)
    Enjoy every moment!

  2. Glad you're doing well and hope that all continues to go well.

  3. I'm glad that you can be in the present and enjoying and savoring and storing it up for the future!
    Crazy to think that the time will come when you have a teen going off to college :)

  4. I love this statement "inflated sense of enhanced well-being prevails"! As for what is to come... you sound prepared to handle anything that comes your way - while appreciating the moment. Yay!

  5. I think you are lucky. I have had morning (all day) sickness early on and holy mood swings. The newborn baby thing scares me too - that is when I wish I had adopted a toddler. As far as weight, I have a friend who had three kids while obese and she had no problems. Hope that helps.

  6. Lucky! I didn't have any time early on where I was not feeling pregnant! Talk about exhausted and slightly nauseated from the very day I tested. Enjoy that!
    Funny though, even then I would have voted yes for an ultrasound machine.

  7. I'm jealous! My nausea is manageable, but the past week exhaustion has really kicked in! Enjoy the wonderful nirvana while it lasts!

    And don't go borrowing problems before they occur! You might luck out and have no issues other than back pain and difficulty sleeping! :)

  8. we are really lucky to live in a time and place of good health care, so if you stay in good communication with your doctor those risks all go way down and become managable. I say don't worry about problems you don't have. :)

    I think most of us women, at least those of us who are older and for whom getting pregnant was a challeng, we want children for the overall experience, not just fantasy good times but also to have a chance to love unconditionally and with every ounce of our strength. The whole experience will be intense in wonderful and hard ways, but that's what we want -- the intensity that reminds you you are alive and doing something important.

  9. I understand all those thoughts going through your mind as your little one gorws inside you...but I think your gonna to be just fine...because when that little one arrives, nothing else is going to matter. You will overcome any obstacles or challenges along the way...because thats what moms do and thats especially what IF moms do, with a smile on their face. I think all of us she be awarded US/ machines for the 9 months of pregnancy. Might not be a bad business to get it?! LOL

  10. I am so happy to read this post Paige. Hopefully you'll be like me and bypass all of the morning sickness.

    If you get ahold of one of those at home machines I'm on my way to visit you!

  11. Enjoy not having any symptoms now as you could expreience them like I did, showing up with a vengence at about week 9 or so! I'm glad you're cherishing the good moments's so important to keep your focus there...try not to read too much about what could go wrong & think about what's going right...

  12. Just to make you feel better, when I was pregnant as an obese person (I weighed 261.5 lbs when I got pregnant and gained 13 lbs when pregnant, my daughter weighed 9.5 lbs at birth at 37 weeks). I did not have any of those health issues and hopefully that will be the same if I am lucky enough to get pregnant again. I had a c-section because of her huge head/size. I had no complications or infections. It IS possible to have a normal healthy pregnancy as a fat chick. :)


  13. I hear gestation diabetes is a drag. I know a couple women who got it that were not at increased risk due to weight. It is a drag, but doable compared to the mountains to get here.

    I will be a billion year old mother. What can you do?

  14. I know what you mean! I am dying for nausea! Anything to tell me that baby is still doing fine!