Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best Reaction Ever

I showed my friend Jae the pictures:

Jae: That's a funny joke, haha.
Me: I'm pregnant.
Jae: Yeah right, you're funny.
Me: Really I'm pregnant.
Jae: You photoshopped those pictures.
Me: Jae, I'm 10 weeks pregnant!
Jae: You took a picture of a friend's test.
Me: My due date is April 25! I'm having a baby!
Jae: There's no time stamp on these pics. You faked them.
Me: Right there, August 15. I'm really 10 weeks pregnant. You're going to be an auntie.
Jae: Are you sure this isn't a joke?
Me: Would you like to see my ultrasound pictures?
Jae: You're having a baby? That's great. Love to babysit....etc

Then she left and I think she may have been embarrassed or something. Even when the truth sunk in, it was kind of a cold reaction. No hug or congratulations or anything. Well, she came back after a few minutes with a candy bar held in both hands like it was a tiny kitten or something.

Jae: I thought the baby might like this.
Me: Oh thanks, Jae, that is so sweet. Should I eat half or whole? (She's our PE teacher who I talk with about nutrition a lot and I always jokingly ask her that if I have some sort of treat in my lunch.)
Jae: Half! And make sure to bring those ultrasound pictures tomorrow."

I'm not sure she really believes me but kind of sweet.

Staff meeting at school tomorrow. I told my principal that I'm pregnant and she agreed to let me have a minute to announce it to everyone. I was going to wait until after my next doctor's appointment but the next staff meeting after that is a month away. I can't wait that long!


  1. Wow, yout totally shocked her!!!! LOL I love it! Sweet of her to come back with the candy's sinking in!

  2. Very funny! I can't wait to hear how it goes at the staff meeting tomorrow. Good luck & congratulations!!!

  3. That's so funny! I can't wait to hear how your coworkers react!

  4. You definitely shocked her. Can't wait to hear how it went at the staff meeting.