Sunday, September 26, 2010

Surprising My Aunt and Uncle

I was over at E's new house checking out the progress on the renovations. Dad and E were there doing some tiling. It really looks like they're in the home stretch. They have to put flooring down in the living room, along with other odds and ends and do some serious cleaning but I think they'll be moving in a few weeks. Mom has been really busy painting and doing projects for the girls' rooms. Painting a huge jigsaw puzzle on one wall in Stretch's room and making a dressing table for DollFace using parts from a dressing table my grandma made for her as a child.

While I was there, Aunt L (Dad's sis) and Uncle F stopped by to check out the progress. I was able to get them alone and drop my news on them. I really wanted to tell my aunt in person even though I was a little nervous about it. They are quite conservative and have 3 daughters who are stay at home moms. I thought they might be a little judgy. I shouldn't have worried.

When I told them the news, L actually clasped her hands to her chest and took a step back. I think she gasped "Oh Paige!" F's mouth dropped open. But then they both smiled huge smiles and I knew it was ok.

L is a nurse and immediately started asking questions and was interested in all the details of the process. I'm close with her and so many times I've wanted to ask her opinion of the medical side of things over the last year but didn't know how to bring it up and didn't want to be constantly asked about how it was going. In between questions, she kept going on about what a surprise it was and how did I keep that all under wraps all this time and what was my dad's reaction. She said she could never be that surprised again. I said something about telling people and their reactions and that I just did what I had to do to start my family. She said something about it being 2010 and that she was glad I'd gone for it and that tongues would be wagging but who cares. Guess my conservative aunt is more "with it" than I gave her credit for.

She asked multiple times if she could tell her girls and how they wouldn't believe it. I told her she could and to email me what their reactions were. Their daughter recently announced her second pregnancy. She's due about two months before me.

F had very quickly disappeared after I broke the news and I don't really blame him for not wanting to stand around talking about how his niece got knocked up but as they were getting ready to leave he sort of sidled up to me and said I'd sure given them a shock but he was happy for me and congratulations. Kinda sweet.

I'm 10 weeks pregnant today.


  1. Another great story! Supportive family is so important... this would be so much more difficult without family onboard. Congrats on 10 weeks!!! I'm still so excited for you!

  2. Your Aunt and Uncle sound like wonderful people! It's great that you have so many supportive people on your side.

    Ten Weeks! Woohoo!

  3. You are getting the best reactions EVER!

  4. That is so awesome! I love hearing about the reactions people get!

    Yeah 10 weeks!!!

  5. Oh and you have an award on my blog :)

  6. :) happy 10 weeks as well, and you have an award on my blog as well, how cool.

  7. Glad you're getting good reactions and happy 10 weeks!

  8. I hope I have the same reactions from people you have gotten when I get to where you are at :)