Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today a coworker at my school announced that she's six weeks pregnant. A young, healthy woman who's been trying for about a nanosecond.

My first thought: Oh God, not another one, quick act happy....wait I'M PREGNANT too, I don't have to be jealoushappy or bitterhappy. I'm ACTUALLY happy.
My second thought: I'm MORE pregnant than you are. Hahaha
My third thought: Don't start screaming "ME TOO! I'M PREGNANT TOO!!!"

I'm determined to wait til after my triumphant reunion with Dr. Hottie on October 11 to announce it at work. An eternity from now but he was out of town and it was the first time I could get in without missing work. Must save those sick days.


  1. Yayyy! Great story! And it takes a lot of self discipline to follow through with your third thought... good girl!

  2. I'm so proud of you keeping it in - I know how hard it is not to want to share the news!

  3. I thought of you like a sitcom character where they show the person's face and can hear their thoughts. And your third was the funniest to imagine :)

  4. I know this is the wrong entry but I absolutely LOVE the penny story; it's about at hearttouching as they get.

    I can totally see you screaming ME TOO! but I'm proud of you for waiting! I would love to be a fly on the wall when you tell everyone!

  5. I love your reaction: "I'm MORE pregnant than you are. Hahaha" so great!!! Oct 11 will be here before you know it!!!