Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Little Gift And A Big Party

Beautiful lunch with BS at the Maryville Winery. The chef was plucking herbs out of the garden as we came up. She gave me a gift for Sweet Pea. An adorable, fuzzy white sleeper. The size says 0-3 months. It seems huge! I'm in denial that my body is producing something that large which somehow has to be expelled from a body cavity. One of my body cavities. It's huge, I tell you.

My parents hosted their 2nd annual "Shed Party". Last year they built a huge warehouse and office building on their farm and celebrated the new "shed" and their 40th wedding anniversary with a huge party in the clean, new warehouse. It was such a success that they've decided to make it an annual event. It is so good to see them celebrating their achievements.

After a night and morning of 2 inches of rain which stopped the corn harvest, the sun came out just in time for my parents to host 125 guests this year. Tons of children running everywhere, playing in the hay bales, tormenting the cats and dogs. Adults and children watching milking and "helping" feed calves. This year a calf was born during the party. Kind of funny to me to see all the city folk making such a fuss but if you've never seen that sort of thing, I guess it's special. PS brought her face paints and was busy all afternoon. I'm not even sure she got a chance to eat.

Great food. Dad did some welding repair work on this guy's barbecue truck and in exchanged he catered the meat for the party and everyone brought a dish as well. I'm telling you those were good eats!

In the evening, the music was turned up and Mom and Dad and their country dancing friends were able to have a few turns around the dance floor. So cute to see all of them doing a couple's dance in a circle and a few kids dancing in the middle. KR's little boy was so cute, he kept asking her to dance. Very out of character for him, she said.

So good to see cousins from both sides that I don't get a chance to see very often. DollFace and Stretch got a chance to play with cousins they don't know very well. I forget how funny we are as a family. I laughed the day and evening a way.

C kept coming up to me and saying, "What about so-and-so? Do they know?" No, no one else really knows and I didn't want to announce it at this party. This was my parents time to shine, not mine. All in good time.

I'm 9 weeks pregnant today.


  1. Wow, Paige - your family sounds so amazing! What a lucky baby you have there to be born into such a big, loving, fun family! Happy 9 Weeks!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful day!! Just think, you'll have a little one of your own for next year's party!

    Happy 9 weeks!

  3. 9 weeks *smile*.

    So,how many times did you picture your little one dancing out there? :O)

  4. What a wonderful family your little one is coming into! And wow - 9 weeks!! Congrats!

  5. The party sounded wonderful Paige. I agree with Maddy, how lucky is your child going to be, being born into such a large and wonderful family. I think that is such a blessing.

    Congrats, can't believe your 9 weeks already!

  6. That sounds like my kind of party!
    9 weks pregnsnt- how wonderful is that!
    Have a pretty day!

  7. The party sounds like something out of a novel - so wonderful!

    And from what I've been told, some day you'll look at that little sleeper and say, "so tiny!" LOL

  8. Oh, your parent's party reminds me of my second cousins' weddings at their parents farm. Us being the "city cousins" ;)
    9 weeks--what are you going to do when it's 9 months :O