Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Thank the Lawd it was a better day today. Half a day with the kids and 5 were absent. Still I'm completely burned out. I teach, I work with the kids, I keep them in order, I give assessments but I feel as so apathetic while I'm there. Like I'm only marking the time. I want to be done.

Most would say a field of wild flowers is beautiful and aesthetically it is of course. My family knows it means the weather has been poor and the weeds have been allowed to take over. The ground was squelching beneath my feet so it will probably be awhile before they are able to be in the fields.

Crappy angle. I might try again tomorrow.



  1. I actually thought about that today as I was driving home. I wondered why I hadn't really ever noticed the beautiful yellow flowers all over before and then I noticed they're all in fields...then, it dawned on me that they weren't such a good sign. Funny that you posted about it tonight.
    I fall into the category of thinking they're beautiful, but I don't have to worry about planting a field.
    *In a side note, I'm excited about Chicago...*

  2. Beautiful sky.

    I feel the same about work these days.

  3. I disagree, I think it was a great angle!

  4. Glad it was a better day. Only a few weeks to go, we can hang in there, swamp butt and all. I like the photo.

  5. Hi Paige.

    I bet you are soooo ready for this school year to be over.

    I'll never forget the year I had with a particularly challenging group of kiddos...coupled with a miscarriage and then inability to get pregnant again. I couldn't run away from the bldg fast enough on the last day of school. It was a chapter that just needed to be finished!

    Blessings to you,

  6. I actually really like that photo! You captured the colors beautifully. It has to me, a really dynamic quality!