Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Musical

Our first spring musical was today and it was so sweet. The music teacher worked so hard with our third graders and they were great! You could tell they were so proud of their little costumes and they actually knew and enunciated their lines and songs. And we could actually hear them because the children in the audience were very quiet and well behaved. Which means I could enjoy the muscial too. Something that does not always happen at our school.

I do need to get better at taking these type of shots though (MB?). Apparently, good or bad, I'm the school photographer now.


I have not seen the music teacher smile this big in a long time.
Spring Musical

So between the musical, making butterfly headbands with our third grade buddies in the afternoon, the weather being so much cooler and it being the second "on" day for antidepressants my day was pretty good. Whew!

After school Mom brought Dollface over and she mentioned something about "your shot tomorrow".

I had to ask her what she meant.

Ummmm tomorrow's the first injectable for trying again.

My God....this is so far from my thoughts that I could have forgotten.

It's weird...I do think about a subsequent pregnancy and even a healthy full term baby. And I think a lot how I'll handle all of that and if I can survive another sad, bad thing.

My mind seems to be skipping over the actual "work" to be done to even get to the place where I have a chance. So so different. The last time I was all consumed and could think of nothing else.

I'll be really lucky if I don't screw this up somehow.


  1. Yay, Ms. School Photographer!
    I think your picture looks good- were you in school lighting or low lights?
    If you're in low lights, up the ISO up to about 400 because you want a quick shutter speed so that you don't get any blur when the kids are moving around. You could always use an external flash so that you can keep the iso lower? If you need to borrow my flash sometime, just let me know.
    You can always shoot in Tv (Time value) to get the shutter speed you want and the camera will take care of the rest of the decisions for you.
    As far as your shot goes, I think you just have so many other things on your mind right now, you're still grieving, the end of school, etc. that the actual shot didn't occur to you.
    Next weekend I can make sure to remind you ;)

  2. You won't screw anything up, you'll get it right. You would have remembered the shot.

  3. Hi! I guess this is a delayed de-lurking as I've been following for a few months now. I think you are a good photographer, you have a very creative eye and I've really enjoyed seeing your pics. Keep 'em coming!