Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bike Riding

Again my kids were total brats for the sub. Grrrr. I talked to my principal about it, just wanting her to talk to them. She went above and beyond by requiring them to eat with her in the classroom in silence. It has been so nice to have a principal who supports us this year. She's a good hearted person and I think she's been easy on me in several ways since December because she has sympathy for my situation.

I took my bike out for the first time since August 6, 2010, the day I became pregnant. I love the free feeling of being on my bike with the sweet country breeze in my hair, muscles working, mind unsnarling from the day's stresses. It really was a good feeling to be on the trail again today, but I couldn't help having a little sigh of sadness. I'm trying so hard to look forward and not back and to remain positive.

I went back to try to capture the killdeer on it's nest this time. I was told by a nine year old expert (my cousin's kid) that this is the male and he's less skittish and will actually attack if you approach. He didn't attack but did stay on the nest more solidly than at the time of my last attempt. See the little eggs peeking out?

Broken Leg Dance:
Broken Leg Dance

Broken Leg Dance 2


  1. Nice to see you getting back up on that bike again, literally and figuratively !!!
    What a gorgeous shot of the bird, you have some mad photography skillz!!

  2. Amazing bird pics. Give yourself a big pat on the back for looking forward. It's hard when you're going through this but it's good that you are trying.

  3. That first pic is so crisp!!! Holy cow, Paige! Sorry your kiddos were brats....just a couple more days!

  4. Beautiful pictures of the birds!

    I came across your blog trying to find other people with TTC in their interests. I am actually originally from Southern Illinois so I had to click on your link when I saw that! I'm adding you to my follow list :)

  5. You've come a long way. To feel a "little sigh of sadness" demonstrates that while you acknowledge the past, you're heading towards the future. You're a inspiration to us all.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bird! Great job!
    Seriously- super sharp!
    I'm proud of you for riding a bike---I haven't been on one in years!!!