Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Canceled Fieldtrip

Our field trip to Grant's Farm was canceled due to tornado warnings in the area. Thirty minutes after it was canceled, the clouds pushed off and it became a nice day. I had to do some Oscar awarding acting to convince those disappointed kids that we would have "fun" staying at school today. We've rescheduled for Friday.

Now it's storming with tornado warnings again this evening. I can't remember a spring with so many seriously damaging tornadoes. I'm told that on Monday when I was seeing Dr. AA the tornado siren went off at school and the kids had to sit in the hallway for about an hour. The part of a ceiling fell in one classroom. My thoughts are with those in Joplin, Missouri. One in five people are homeless due to a big tornado on Monday and over 120 killed. It's not that far from where I live and could easily be my town instead.

One of the younger teachers (EH) approached me to ask if having an HSG hurts a lot and advice on TTC which she's been at for a year. I wish I didn't know all this stuff but I'm glad to help if it spares anyone even a smidge of the crap I've been through. I wouldn't wish this road on my worst enemy.

So instead of cute animal and kid pictures, today you get to see Jae's lunch. I've never known anyone who was such a mono-eater. This has been her lunch everyday this school year. Everyday. And we're closing in on 180 days. It usually includes a granola bar and a diet coke too. Only the type of meat changes.


  1. I've heard about all the crazy storming from my family that's still up there! I'm traveling back up to Southern Illinois this weekend, so I was glad to see that the weather channel says it'll be back to sunny weather! Hope you're keeping safe in that craziness.

  2. At least the meat changes! When I was in grammar school, for years I ate only baloney sandwiches. Then, for years, I switched to tuna fish.

  3. I am sorry to hear of all the destruction in your area and hope you continue to be spared.

    Mono-eater! I love that term! I hope you don't mind if I borrow it. I know someone just like that. For some reason it drives me nuts. I guess whatever works, right? I have to have diversity in my menu. Maybe because I love food!

  4. That sandwich looks yummy!!! Too bad your kiddos had to miss out but yay for Friday field trips!

  5. I hope you guys have a great time at Grant's Farm--sorry the weather has been so crazy! I love this sandwich picture. Yum.

  6. Boring lunch. If I were her tastebuds I revolt and stop making things taste.

    Nice someone could lean on you for fertility advice. I didn't have anyone to ask these things about when I got started. It would have been nice to have someone know the ropes.

  7. Ahhh...I think I may be a mono-eater! I seriously get on kicks where I eat the same thing at school every day for a long long time and then I'll switch and get stuck on that for a long time. 2 years ago I ate Special K with strawberries cereal every day for lunch...and breakfast...for the whole school year!