Monday, May 30, 2011

Turn, Turn, Turn

This came up on shuffle today.
When I heard it I stopped wondering why my baby died and hers lived. Maybe someone else needs to hear it tonight too:

A time to plant:


  1. It can be so hard to remember that life also has seasons. I love your fragile little sprouts. I hope they grow big and strong.

  2. Gorgeous shot, insightful song.

  3. I've heard that song a billion times but never listened to the words like I just did! Thanks, Paige...I needed that! : )

  4. Last year I almost lost my 13-month old daughter to severe complications from an E coli infection. This past week, I've been emailing with an old friend from high school. Her 6-year old son died 10 days ago, after fighting leukemia for 4 years. I've been wondering why my baby lived and hers died. There's just no good explanation for any of it.

    Let me just say again how sorry I am for your loss, Paige.

  5. Hi, I just wanted to comment because I've been reading your blog today. I have a kind of similar story to yours. So sorry for your loss and I wish you so much success in your baby-journey.


  6. I hope it's your time to reap soon Paige. It's time for you to plant (almost). :)