Sunday, May 8, 2011

My First Mother's Day

It wasn't too bad. A bit of a mopey feeling during the day. Moppy? Moppey? You know what I certainly wasn't about cleaning floors. And of course missing my boy who should be about two weeks old and in my arms by now.

I waited until this morning to invite the family over for supper. I just wasn't sure what kind of day it would be for me. I texted E and C. E called I thought he said they would try to come by. But they didn't. When Mom came she said C had invited her family over to their house. I'm not sure why E didn't say that. I realize it was a last minute invitation but I was here with all this food and only my parents came to eat it.

Mom and I were both in pretty good spirits. Dad was mowing the alfalfa behind my house so hopped off the tractor to eat with us. It was a good visit. I sent a lot of leftover food home with them.

I feel so lucky to have both my parents in good health. They might not always get along with eachother but they are always there for me, each in their own way.

C and I went in together and gave her tickets for all of us girls to see the Sing Along Sound of Music. This has always been one of our favorite films. She really seemed excited about it and was even talking about coming up with a costume.

The Strongest Person I Know:

Two Mamas Being Silly:
Two Mamas

I just found out that other teacher had her baby today.
On Mother's Day.
Everytime I think I'm doing ok something like this happens.
I'm really wondering if I'm the butt of some huge cosmic joke.
Someone out there must be really laughing.
Eff it....
I hate Mother's Day and I wish everyone would just shut up about it.


  1. Thinking of you and your little angel on this mother's day. Hugs to you.

  2. You look beautiful in the picture with your mom Paige. I know you must miss your sweet Greyson P. Thinking of you and sending you hugs.

  3. :( It will be my hope and prayer every single day that you will have a beautiful baby in your arms by next Mother's Day.
    I'm sorry for the blow about the other teacher.

  4. I'm sorry Paige. I understand the feeling of bearing the brunt of a cosmic joke. The week I lost my son, two co-workers announced their pregnancies. By the time I was able to announce my BFP there were 7 pregnant co-workers. I think if I hadn't gotten my BFP that month, I would have had to quit.

    I too hope that by next Mothers Day you will have a baby in your arms. ((HUGS))

  5. Sometimes this all does feel like a cosmic joke on us. I am so sorry about the timing with your colleague. If it were a movie we would all think it was a fake-y plot line.
    I love you Paige.

  6. The joke is on me too.

    I just hope that people will show some tact and not gush over the other teacher about her "Mothers Day present".

  7. I can only imagine how bad it is for you. I've never been pregnant but would love to have a baby and dread people wishing me a Happy Mother's Day (why do they assume I am a mother?)

  8. I thought about you all day sunday. I'm sorry about the other teacher. If this is a big cosmic joke, it ain't funny.
    Wish you were holding Sweet P. and I hope your little Peanunt will find their way here soon.