Saturday, March 19, 2011

Camera Comparison

I'm seriously hot for a new camera in case you couldn't tell from previous posts. My generous brother loaned me his DSLR for the weekend and I'm giddy with experimenting even though I don't know much about this camera.
Let's do some comparisons, shall we?
Here are cabinet handles, his camera on the left, my old point and shoot on the right:
(No editing)
Camera Comparison

(edited for color and cropped)
Comparing Pennies

The rest are taken with his DSLR of random stuff around the house. The cream of the crop since I took about eleventy jillion pictures trying to learn about settings.
Cookie 1

Cookie 2

Wash during a cycle. I've been wanting to try this but knew it would be tough for my little camera to catch the moving water. DSLR is like magic.


Washin' 2

Even my camera shy girl gave me a good pose today.
My Clara

I MUST have a new camera so I can become an Arteest!


  1. I'm jonesing for a DSLR myself. I put it on my Christmas list hoping the whole fam would go together on it....I got a place setting of silver instead. Yay! Now 3 people can come to my house for dinner when I use formal wear. I'm asking for it again for my birthday. I'm really hoping I get it!

    So far your pics have been beautiful. I'm going to take a class to learn how to use it at the community college, with my mom. She has a DSLR and we should be able to use the lenses interchangeably.

    If your pics are that good with a point and shoot...I can't wait to see what you can do with the DSLR when you get it!!!

  2. NIght and day, my friend, night and day.

    I hope you can find a way to make it happen. Or "lose" your bro's camera....

  3. Very big differences! I love my DSLR. My point and shoot totally does not compare. It's like magic, lol!

  4. Hmmm, DSLR. Should I? Shouldn't I?

    GO FOR IT!

    Just make sure you give the particulars. I so want one.

  5. PAIGE! BUY THE DANG CAMERA!!! BUY A DSLR, STOP PLAYING WITH THE POINT AND SHOOTS- YOU'RE READY! { a Canon dslr so we can exchange lenses...} I'll gladly show you everything I know. :)

  6. I LOVE that you're at the point where you've outgrown your camera - I was there just a few years ago, and it's such a great feeling, to know you're growing in an art that you love.

    The Canon G12 is a great one stop camera - you don't need more lenses, and it's easy to carry around. The Canon Rebel continues to grow with you, though. It's easy to keep finding more and more lenses you absolutely NEED to buy (yes, need) but if you've got a friend you can exchange lenses with - and I know you do! - that's less of a worry. I have 2 lenses that I use most of all (I never use the "kit" lens that comes with the Rebel - in retrospect I wish I'd just bought the camera and got a lens separately). I have the Sigma 18-250 that I use because it's so flexible, with such a huge zoom, and still gives lovely pictures. Not quite as nice a piece of glass as a few of my other lenses, but for an every day lens that isn't too heavy and is very versatile, it's the best. And I have the $100 50mm 1.8 Canon lens, that gives absolutely beautiful pictures, though it does't work for everything. (With the DSLR, it really is the lens that makes the biggest difference.)

    I bet that long term you'd be happier with the DSLR - you've had the worst past few months ever, you deserve to do something for yourself that will make you happy. Don't worry about the mortgage - just buy the camera! :)

  7. Love the difference--crazy though huh?! Yes and when you do get your new camera please share what you got with the rest of the class. It's another want I have on my list too ;)

  8. Amazing comparison... I bought a DSLR last year and love it :)) Still learning how to use it but it takes amazing photos. Get one - you'll love it xoxo

  9. I love that you took pictures to compare, and a lot of them, even the washer:). So, the verdict?