Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good, Bad and Ugly

In the wrong order but I don't care:
The Bad:
I should not have skipped school yesterday. The sub left me a note saying my class was horrible. Two different teachers said they'd seen how wild it was and stopped in there to help the sub. So I spent today cracking down on my little darlings. Not fun for them OR me and could have been avoided if I'd dragged my butt out of bed.

The Ugly:
I've been eating and eating and eating. I'm desperate to control it but feel like it's taking control instead. Nothing seems to be working and I'm out of excuses. It's all me now. Depression? I really could have stayed home again today.

The Good:
My bro put the handles on the new kitchen cabinets while I was at school. You don't realize how inconvenient it is to not have handles until you don't have them.

Which brings us to
The Picture of the Day:
Weird fuzziness. This has been showing up on many of my pics lately. I keep saying "it's the camera" doing it but I don't think it is. Not sure. I'm getting little frustrated on photo challenge, especially during the week.


  1. It sounds as though you faced the day. Well done. And you have some Great kitchen cabinets!

  2. Oh, those dang kiddos. Here's hoping tomorrow is better!

  3. After I lost my son, I gained 100lbs. Seriously, 100lbs. I was able to lose 40 but not a lb more. I think overeating was just my way to escape from life because I tended to do it alone, and that gave me the excuse to avoid people saying well meaning but stupid things, looking @ me with pity, etc. Be kind to yourself, but acknowledge that taking care of your body is a way to be kind.

  4. The bad: I hate subs sometimes...the kids aren't like that when you are there...so....that leads me to believe that the sub was out of control and couldn't handle things=not sooooo bad.
    The ugly: Maybe time to change dosage? Food is a hard one for me too. I love love love it and so when life has me down I eat a lot lot lot of it for comfort. Any time you feel like pigging out you can give me a call and we can talk for a while to try to get you mind off of it? I'm not too much a phone person, but I can always make an exception.
    The good: I'm excited to see your completed kitchen...that pic is just a tease!
    Try not to get frustrated with the picture challenge- you're right about to the part where I was frustrated with it too, but just remember, if you end up skipping a day, nobody really cares but you. It's supposed to be fun, so don't worry about it. That's what I had to keep telling myself and I'm over the frustration.
    I AM all for you buying a really good camera...I think you would ROCK that thing!

  5. Maybe those little darlings are like puppies when you leave them home alone. They tear up your shoes to say "I missed you". Sorry you had to lay down the law. that's not too fun.
    Comfort from food- yep totally understand that one. Tough to fight the addiction. You can call me too if you need some support.
    I agree with M- both about the kitchen and the photo project.
    It is a fun project, especially when you take the pressure off. I got really frustrated for a while too. Just remember: everyday will NOT produce a masterpiece. creativity wanes somedays. Time constraints creep in. You learn more and get frustrated that your pictures weren't "perfect" etc. Who cares if it is a mundane subject or just a bad photo? it is just for fun. The frustration will pass.

    Focusing issues - Have you checked your lens? It may have some dust or a tiny scratch on it.

  6. The handles look great even a bit fuzzy.

    Keep trying with the food thing and don't beat yourself up. It seems like its my daily challenge too. It's frustrating as hell.

    I found making one small managable change at a time works because you can stick with it, feel good about what you're doing, and it becomes a habit without you even realizing it.

  7. I hate getting "bad notes" from subs. Generally they will not act that way with us and we have limited power to do anything about it after the fact. Hopefully the rest of the week will go well. As for the eating, remember to be kind to yourself (something I struggle with). Do what you can and forgive the rest. As for the cabinets, I'm glad that you have the new hardware. They look cool!

  8. I have struggled with food issues my entire life. I have a friend who goes to Overeaters Anonymous and recently went to a meeting with her and it was really a great meeting! I learned a lot that day and plan on going back. Maybe you could find one in your area, hope that helps.

  9. Everyone has said such awesome things, there seems to be nothing more I can add...all I can say is that writing down what I eat on my blog each day has helped me to mostly stick to my diet because I know someone will see it. And I really get the emotional eating. If there is something else you can replace it with? Knitting? Painting?? Something you can do with those feelings?
    Love the cabinet handles! Oh, and you are totally allowed to take a day off, lady - it's not your fault the sub sucked. (Hugs)

  10. Good for you for taking the day off, the misbehaved youngins just followed the lead of the bad sub- not your fault. Your entitled to those days off.

    I love the pic of the cabinets, beautiful choices in hardware!

    Regarding the eating, I second Maddy's suggesstion, perhaps there is something else that can occupy your mind and hands?! I know, eating feels better, but thats just short term. Long term, we regret it. I'm sorry, I would hate being in that emotional place, I know it can't be easy. xoxoxoxox

  11. hi, i think the fuzziness is just the camera. because you are taking a close up, the camera needs to be a better model to do that. i used to work in a store, and they handed me a camera, which wasnt too good to take pictures of jewelry. well, all the pics came out fuzzy. the camera just did not have a good close up lens. i bought a camera for myself, a canon rebel, and wow! what a difference. i know you might not be able to get a better camera at the moment, but that might be the problem.

  12. I agree with anonymous - the problem is definitely the camera - it's not capable of focusing on something that close. You can try to change the settings (you're using a point and shoot?) to the macro setting (on Canon's it's a little flower) and that might help, but getting a camera like the Rebel with interchangeable lenses so you can get one that does good macro is the way to go if you really want to have all your pictures turn out the way you want them.

    Or you could just take pictures from further away, and then crop them with your photo editing software to get the close up you want - it won't give the same detail, but it won't be fuzzy!