Friday, March 11, 2011


Pretty good day at school. Pretty low evening. I tried to get a "walk in" haircut but I had to make an appointment for the morning. The last time I got one I was eight weeks pregnant. Probably one of the last things I have left to do in my post pregnancy life that the last time I did it, I was pregnant. Don't know. Lowest feeling I've had since being on drugs. Thankfully, Dollface nagged her mother wanting to come over for a while and being around her pulled me up. It really is family and friends who are pulling me through.

Nothing caught my eye today for the Photo Challenge but here is one of my dad's hands that I took last weekend:



  1. I'm glad Dollface came over. Depression makes us want to isolate, but it is better to be involved. I'm thinking of you.

  2. Sorry you had a low evening.
    I'm looking forward to Sunday.

  3. Not every day is sunshine and roses, even with meds. Sorry your day was cloudy. Glad you got to spend some time with dollface and it helped.

    I love this picture of Dad's hands working. great idea.

  4. Who would have thought a haircut would be such a biggie! Mine was too, I changed hair dressers and salons, just because the last time I was there I was happy, pregnant, and bubbly. Not so much anymore.
    Thnking of you and wishing you hugs!

  5. Nieces have a way of brightening up a dark day.

    Interesting pic of the hands. I took a pick of my nieces's hand with mine the other day but didn't use it.

  6. Hope the haircut goes well. It is sad, but sounds like you are doing great at finding strength through all the people who love you. Know you are in my thoughts!

    When do we get to see the new kitchen?!