Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Playground Puddle

Picture of the Day:

Yes, it's my week for playground duty. How did you guess? Later on during recess, this sweet looking little girl got suspended for being one of the ringleaders of the "Mean Girls Club". Yes, they actually named themselves that and then would target kids to pick on. Grrrr


  1. Well, looking at this little kiddo, no wonder you thought my students look so big!
    Not sure why someone would want to be labeled a "mean girl", but kids do goofy things sometimes. Hopefully your week will fly by.
    Cute pic.

  2. Wow! That picture does not in any way shout "ringleader of the mean girls club"... kudos to the talented photographer for capturing her innocence!

  3. She looks too innocent to be a mean girl.

  4. Hope you are having a good end of the week and that you guys aren't getting the rain we're getting on the East Coast! Love your photos.