Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Ever Yaya Photo Adventure

Today was The First (annual? biannual? seasonal?) Yaya Photo Adventure! Thanks MB, for being the driving force behind the concept. Earlier this week, we each had the task of creating a list of 10 (5 easy, 5 difficult) scavenger hunt type items to find and take a photo of. Today we embarked on the adventure of running around St. Louis looking for and photographing the items. Not really a scavenger hunt or competition because we worked as a group to find the items and each took pictures of the items we wanted to photograph. It was really fun to find each item and we all got caught up in the excitement of the "hunt".

We started out in the Delmar Loop this morning and found quite a few items on our list of 50 items, laughing and gabbing the entire time. It was cool to walk around the area in the morning when there were only a few people around. Then, we were off to Forest Park where we found many of the nature related items. While there, we rolled up to an athletic couple who were running with a double stroller. We were so excited to have found the item "twins" from the list that we were laughing and screaming. I believe we frightened them. Next, a cruise around town looking for the last few items and then back to the Loop to have lunch at the Noodle Co., a little shopping and finally a bubble tea for the road.

You can see more of the pictures I took over here.
Many more coming soon from the other girls.

The first thing I did on our adventure was to find a penny. Here is the second penny I found today with the help of MC's friend, Ducky:

I kept my eyes peeled all day for 555 but didn't see it until I'd stopped looking and was on my own driving home:

First Ever Yaya Photo Adventure

Here is the list of items we searched for and photographs. All of our little lists compiled into one giant list. Can you believe we found every item on the list except the pink car? What can I say...we're just that good!

1. something moving
2. someone pumping gas
3. a sculpture
4. a refreshment of some kind
5. an old person
6. a piece of litter
7. a telephone pole
8. someone talking on a phone
9. a red car
10. a baby
11. steps/stairs
12. stop light/sign
13. Something to sit on
14. a reflection
15. movie theater
16. hookah
17. purple dress
18. litter
19. SUV
20. a statue
21. a barn
22. gelato
23. playground toys
24. a church
25. a mailbox

1. a bridge that is NOT over water
2. 3 animals together
3. a barn that is about to collapse
4. a delicious dessert
5. a store window with a mannequin
6. a found penny (not from purse)
7. two people holding hands
8. a bicycle
9. a woman wearing a hat
10. twins
11. someone with facial hair
12. a musical instrument (bonus if someone playing it)
13. duck or any bird
14. signs of spring
15. something that looks like a letter of the alphabet, but no print
16. natural redhead (m or f)
17. little kids playing outside together
18. a woman with 3 inch or higher heels
19. a sign in a language other than English
20. a stray cat
21. a white picket fence
22. a celebrity
23. a daffodil
24. a rainbow or prism of some sort
25. a pink car.


  1. I had so much fun with you guys! I think doing this seasonally would be a blast- even if we have the same items, they will look different each time!
    Anyway, thanks again for a great day!

  2. Awe thanks for including Ducky.
    Loved the twins! BTW-you are a great "hunter"!

    Don't forget the building with the 5535 numbers on it. and us with the 5 girls, 5 easy things, 5 hard things (5+5)x5
    Loved hunting with you today!

  3. Oooh how fun!! =) That sounds awesome...

  4. Seems to me like both lists are quite daunting! Very impressive, and as for the 555 - thats awesome!

  5. That sounds like so much fun!

  6. What a great idea... quite a list so an amazing achievement to get them all xoxo

  7. I had a wonderful time with great friends. Thanks, Paigey! ; )