Monday, March 14, 2011


So I just couldn't bring myself to go to work today. There was no big emotional or physical reason why. I couldn't drag my butt out of bed, that's all. I must have been overstimulated by spending the day with the Yas yesterday because I just couldn't get to sleep last night. I just kept thinking about the good time we'd had and different pictures I'd taken. At about 3:00am I found myself laying there thinking about us wearing those silly mustaches and giggling.. Plus the time change....errggg....I just couldn't do it today. I guess I'm playing hooky.

Photo of the Day:

I'm sure you all are tired of seeing and hearing about 555 but here it is again in a missed call from my former principal. I have not heard from her since she left our school beyond a sympathetic text message when I lost Greyson. She didn't leave a message and I can't imagine what she wants.


  1. That's crazy! I had a great time with you yesterday too!

  2. 555 is ubiquitous it seems! Hope you had a good day playing hookie! Love that you were up still thinking about the pictures and the day. It was pretty stinkin' cool, wasn't it?

  3. Everyone needs the occasional mental health day.
    : )