Monday, April 5, 2010

Awkward Meeting

Serious storms and tornado warnings around these parts late last night. You could feel the storm coming in the evening air, it was sticky and hot and I couldn't get to sleep. I was still awake when the thunder and lightning rolled in at midnight. Didn't get much sleep at all so it was super rough when the alarm rang at 5:30 for the first day back at school after spring break. The kids at school all seemed sleepy too. 39 days until summer break...not that I'm counting!

Part of my job, this year, is to meet with the teachers at our pre-school program and help them with analyzing their data and forming small skill groups to work with. Working with data and being held accountable for working with groups has been a big change for these ladies who are mostly close to retiring. Today I had to have a data meeting with a teacher who is very disorganized and doesn't seem to work with her kids on the skills that the testing data shows they need work on. I hate to use the word lazy but we're not sure what exactly she does all day with the kids. They are not showing much growth academically.

During our meeting she was full of excuses and spent a lot of our meeting time looking for data sheets, progress reports, etc. I'm sad to say she didn't even know the last name of one the kids in her class. It's April, she's been (supposedly) working with this child for 7 months! How can she not know his last name? This woman has been a teacher for 30 years, I understand that she's probably tired and ready to retire, but it's a great disservice to the students in her class who are not showing growth under her guidance. Our principal sat in on our meeting and kept at her and at her about how she must be more organized and really work with those kids and keep up with her documentation. It all needed to be said, but I felt bad for this teacher who got more nervous and flustered the longer the meeting went. To make matters worse, this teacher is a family friend. My dad grew up with her husband and was in her wedding. It was kind of embarrassing for me to be telling a teacher with so many years of experience and who has known me since I was small that she needs to get her act together.

I was deaddog tired when I got home and did actually lay down for a few minutes, could have been longer be E stopped by and said it was a perfect night for walking. And he was right, beautiful refreshing breeze, tons of active wildlife on the trail. Many cardinals and other birds. I was practically looking for some cartoon Disney birds to come and sing directly to me.

Looking for a better night's sleep tonight.


  1. Wow, sounds like a really icky meeting, sorry you had to be the one laying down the law! But kinda cool that you have that much responsibility. Hopefully your friend will get it together, but it is really hard to get organized after a life of muddling about (ask my husband!) It's weird that he is super organized at work.

    I feel your pain about the fat thing. I keep thinking, at the next family gathering I will have lost 20 pounds, and then I'll be in the picture. But of course I never do. And God knows 20 pounds is the tip of the iceberg, but you gotta start somewhere! And FYI, my friend who convinced me to try DE is quite obese, and she has 2 (separate) IVF babies - one was DE. So don't let THAT part of the equation worry you too much. Best of luck hon.

  2. Hope you did sleep better. That meeting sounds horrible. I hate things like that.

  3. Sounds like such an awkward place to be in.
    Hope you had a better night's sleep.