Friday, April 2, 2010

It Ends With A Smile

I've been studying the calendar, you know, THE calendar. The possible week of embryo transfer is a hectic one. I'm starting a graduate class that week and one of the professional development sessions for summer school is that week. The class is a short six week summer session, probably frowned upon to miss any class periods, and the summer school program is very strict about attendance. I may not be hired at all if they know I'll miss one of those sessions. I don't like feeling like I have to ditch something at the last minute but I'll probably have to miss one or the other unless the transfer is somehow pushed to Thursday in which case I'll be a psycho mess from waiting that long.

The pharmacy called with a pleasant surprise. Most of my medication AND the donors is covered, what's left is a very manageable sum. It will be delivered Tuesday and my mom has agreed to have it delivered to her house and sign for it. I just hope FexEx doesn't wander to the business side of the farm where the veterinary supplies are delivered and have one of my dad's employees sign. I keep imagining my mom racing across the yard, screaming, "I've got it, I'll sign!" or a scenario where the medication gets mixed up and some dairy cow ends up depressed and emotional from Lupron.

I had a lovely "field trip" with my buddies at a local winery. Friends who used to work at my school but have spread far and wide to different jobs or retirement. Beautiful weather and it was great to relax and gossip with a glass of wine and good friends.

Thank God for a few hours distraction because other than lunch, I was sort of an emotional mess all day. Not crying, just mopey and hormonal. My period did finally show up, a sad, little smear. I think I'll actually be glad when birth control starts again on Monday. I've been eating out of control and missing my baby like crazy.

But I'm another day closer to him or her or them.

And that thought just made me smile.


  1. Wow, that's awesome that your insurance covered most of the donors meds. Very nice.
    Laughing about the idea of depressed cows because of Lupron. That's funny.

  2. What a blessing! I want your insurance- mine is crappy but at least I have some help! Hah, and sad cows, I was waiting for some comment about sour milk over their sad faces or something! Maybe they're not dairy cows but still it's an awfully cute visual!

  3. Sounds like a nice "field trip" you had :-).
    And yay for your period to finally show up!