Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No Internet

Nooooo!!!! I don't have Internet. I'm at Dad's office right now cranking this post out. One of the things I DO NOT like about living in the country...unreliable Internet. I can't believe how addicted I've become to writing in this blog. I was going crazy last night missing my daily dosage of visiting you all and writing so I wrote yesterday's post in a word document and will post when the Internet gods (otherwise known as my brother and cousin) are able to get the problem figured out. Something with the networking I think.

Still sleeping uneasily, but sleeping some and feeling good. It rained all night last night which usually I love to fall asleep to but last night it just made me feel unsettled and damp.

Nothing deep tonight, everything status quo here on the home front.


  1. Oh man, not having internet sucks. I hope it's back up soon.

  2. I become a raging lunatic without internet!! LOL I guess I am addicted to it, sadly.

    Hope yours is back up & running soon.


  3. I'm additcted to reading your blog so I'm glad you were able to posts quickly. I hope you get reconnected soon!

  4. No internet sucks!!
    (I am so addicted..)

  5. oh mr. internet Paige needs you back up! LOL! Missing your posts!