Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Laughingest Easter

One of the laughingest Easters I remember. We made smoothies and DollFace kept pretending to turn on the blender without the lid on. Then she'd hit me on the shoulder and laugh manically. C says she definately has MY sense of humor. A fabulous brunch (if I do say so myself!) and then egg hunt and playing outside with new Easter toys. A beautiful, windy Easter.
My nieces, parents and their two bratty dogs, Tessa and Toby. They like to poop in my house and yet my mom doesn't understand why I don't like it when she brings them with her. Today she allowed Tessa to sit on her lap at the dining table and eat food from her plate. Yech. There was almost an argument but she allowed me to put them outside.
My brother's beautiful family.
Even my Zoe wanted to get in on hunting eggs.
"What are you looking at, Pacha?" Pacha (a character from The Emeror's New Groove) is DollFace's favorite word right now and it is everyone's nickname.
And here I am, looking large and in charge. Jeez, my arm looks like an Easter ham. I'm never wearing that shirt again or allowing my pic to be taken while sitting down. Ughhhh.


  1. Glad it was a good day. Your mom and her dogs are kind of funny. But then I let my cat drink water out of my glass. I figure they haven't died from it yet. hehehe. Sorry. I know people probably think I'm gross too when it comes to my cats.
    I know that I have many times thought similar things about myself when I see pictures of myself. The interesting thing is that I know I'm big but often I don't realize how big until I see a picture of myself. Probably because I make a great effort to not see anything other than my face in the mirror.
    Happy Easter.

  2. I think you're beautiful(and I am still LOVING the hair!)- quit being so dang hard on yourself! Your family is beautiful; I'm glad you had such a great Easter!!!

  3. Both you and your family are very beautiful!
    Glad you all had such a wonderful day :-) (and isn't it nice that also Zoe joined the fun..)