Saturday, April 24, 2010

Still Feeling Abnormally Great

The wind is about to blow us away and we have had tornado warnings off and on for the last day or two. I was able to walk over to the farm and have pizza with the family. The rain is keeping them out of the fields and the guys are able to catch their breath, taking the time to repair and clean equipment. Mom looks as though she's lost a few pounds but seems to be eating a little better, even Dad said she was doing better this week. I always have to do an end run and check with him or E because she fibs to me sometimes.

I'm still feeling great. I took a glorious 3 hour nap today. Don't know if that was Lupron induced or just me being lazy but I woke up feeling even MORE bright eyed and fabulous. I'm anticipating some sort of crash. I'm on serious drugs and this "high on life" business can't last forever.

I wonder if this odd reaction is somehow due to my being overweight. I'm not just a little overweight, I'm seriously obese and the doses are so small. Is the medication working properly? Obviously all my medical professionals are aware of my hugeness, I'm sure they would have adjusted the dosage if it was needed.


  1. I'm sure the doses are fine and that the meds are working fine. You are probably just a lucky one who goes through luporn without all those nasty symptoms!

  2. I know that I worried that the Lupron dose wasn't enough to prevent me from ovulating but it did. I never felt all that bad from lupron though. Hoping you won't as well.

  3. I am SO jealous of your nap! Napping in storms is the BEST. I'm sure your drugs are working great, you're just blessed!

  4. That is what all the b/w is for - they will adjust your dose if they need to as you go along. So glad you are feeling all delightful - hope it lasts the whole time!