Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Drug Deal Gone Wrong

I wanted to pack THE box of drugs away and forget about it until I needed it in a few weeks time. I've unpacked and packed that box about 4 times. I guess there was a mix up with one of the medications. Thank God I had a question about one of the medications and mentioned the one that was screwed up. I guess they sent me Estradiol suppositories in addition to the delestrogen. They are similar and I don't need both.

The pharmacy told me there is a nationwide shortage of Endometrin and that my clinic told them to cancel the Endometrin and they would order something else (which they hadn't done until I contacted them today). I knew nothing about any of this. I'm horrified at the thought that I might have shoved the wrong medication up my hoohaa and ruined everything. I really need to stay on top of this whole process, so many, many things can go wrong. I am praying my young donor is checking and double checking everything.

This email exchange between Mom and me was my laugh for the day.

Mom: You might need help giving yourself those injections, if you do let me know. I'll take a stab at it.
Me: Haha, I see your point.
Mom: Yeah, I'm sharp that way.

Corny, but I laughed!


  1. Hahaha I had fun with words today too! E and I were in the car with his parents coming back from supper and I was telling his dad about this huge TRACTOR that was turning towards me earlier and I stopped on the side of the road so it wouldn't PLOW over me. I didn't plan on saying that, it just came out and I got so tickled with myself I couldn't quit laughing!

  2. Good thing you got that figured out.
    One up side of me being a nurse is that I'm hardly ever lacking in someone willing to give me shots.

  3. Cute dialogue between you and your mom!!! Funny girls!!

    Good catch on the meds, wow, that would have totally sucked if you got part of it wrong. Keep those eyes peeled open sister!!

  4. Yes, you should stay on top of things! And good thing you found out :-).

  5. Way to get your pulse going - with meds all messed up! Argh! Hopefully your nurse will be more vigilant, now that they've caught this error. Not that it was her fault, but they should be going over this stuff with you. (not that my nurse did, the first time - my new nurse is awesome and explains everything; even though I could teach her what drugs to take now!)

    I LOVE that your mom is involved in your journey. And what a blessing that she is even open to giving you shots! You can totally do this yourself, if you want, but it is great to have support. I suppose you have seen online there are tons of videos of people giving themselves lupron, PIO and other shots. Check Stirrup Queens for a good starting place for these videos, they are all specifically for IF, and helped me feel braver. Especially the ones of people doing it solo - I was just sure I would need a nurse to come in and shoot me up every morning!

  6. A mom with a witty sense of humor, priceless!