Saturday, February 12, 2011


Picture of the Day:
I thought I could find something interesting to photograph with all the ice and snow melting around here (Thank the Lawd). Didn't turn out as well as I thought. It's a place where the snow and ice has melted and caved in creating a puddle. It's on the side of a shed where melted ice from the shed roof was drip dropping. I thought it sort of showed the drips. Don't know...not really pleased with this one but did learn to retouch as there were little dirt spots around the edge. Isn't it great...get rid of all the ugliness with just one click.

Here's a bigger shot of where it was taken. The actual puddle was just in front of where Dollface is standing now. The girls have had such fun with all the ice and snow. At one point, tying the sled onto the four-wheeler and pulling it behind. Today, Stretch was pulling Dollface by hand and they were having a lot of laughs and getting very wet.

I'm thinking of taking a writing vacation. What's the point? It's just the same sad, bad stuff day after day anyway. Lather, rinse, repeat, repeat, repeat. Perhaps I'll skip the emotions and just give a cold, hard report of the day's events.

Don't know.....


  1. I've been following your blog for a while. I hope you don't stop writing and I hope I'm not being selfish saying that. Writing about day to day events is theraputic too. I'm enjoying your photography. It may be inspiring me to do a challenge of my own.

  2. The pic of the day reminds me of a sad eye with tears, pretty cool.
    If writing is getting old for you I understand, but if you think your boring us, you are not at all and I certainly hope you don't stop, like Evelyn said, it can be very therapeutic.

  3. Paige, this has been your outlet for over a year. If you feel like YOU need to quit, then concider it. But...there are plenty of us who keep reading "the good, the bad, and the ugly" and would miss this and you if you quit. But this is your space so be as sad/bad or unemotional or as quiet as you want. BTW, yes it is sad sometimes, but there are good things, inspiring things, and now pictures on here too.

    I like the idea behind the first photo. Good job catching drops and finding the retouch button. I also like the story of the girls. How fun!

  4. I love the first photo...the colours of it (or lack thereof)'s very interesting and I want to stare at it for a long time.

    And...maybe it's just my warped mind, but it sort of looks like a frozen vagina, which I think is pretty cool (pardon the pun).

    Love your pics and love your writing...please don't stop.


  5. That's an awesome picture! You are such a good aunt to DollFace and Stretch. I like hearing about your family, and this includes Sweet Pea of course. Please please keep writing!! On your terms, whenever you feel up to it and about whatever you feel like.

  6. Glad to hear the big chill is starting to ease up... love your posts and amazing photos - keep it up if you find it helpful. Great sharing the journey with you along the way xo

  7. Paige, sweetie, only you can say what you want/ need to write about. I agree with Mendy though that there are those of us who will read "the good, the bad, and the ugly" and who will miss you if you stop writing all together.

  8. I'm going to echo the other comments here - don't worry if you feel like you're writing about the same things over and over again. At least don't if you're saying it because you're thinking of your readers. This is *your* blog - if it makes you feel better to write how you feel, then that's what you need to do. If it doesn't, then just post your challenge pictures every day until you feel like writing again.

    There are no rules here, just what feels right to you on any given day.

  9. :) I like the idea of the frozen vagina.

    I really like that you're starting to look for odd things to take pictures of! And...editing them... good job!

    As far as the writing, you have to do what makes you feel the best. If you have a few days where you don't want to write out emotions, that's fine. If you need to rant and rave a bit, that's good too. This is YOUR blog, you have to use it for your own outlet, your own purposes. I do hope that you at least give us a little blurb and a picture every day- I love "hearing" from you and Mendy every day on our little "blogversations".

  10. Hi Paige,

    I'm playing a little catch up after not having internet access for a couple of weeks.

    I'm totally loving what you're doing with the photos. I think you have a real natural talent in the making. The first thing in good photography is knowing what to capture & having an eye for it. You definitely have it. I love the locker photo! Awesome perspective!

    I know things are still difficult for you...but I see a transformation emerging through all this. To endure the pain you've gone through and still manage to see and then capture the beauty that surrounds you through the camera lense...well, Paige, that brings me to tears. You are a truly a lovely person.

  11. I'll chime in with pretty much what everyone else do what's best for you. This is your space & if you don't have it in you to continue writing, then take a break...if you need this space to let it out, then keep writing. Write for yourself, not the audience. Those who don't want to read it won't. I don't think it was your intention but I believe you have helped a lot of women by sharing your life & your emotions but you have to take care of you first.

  12. Love the frozen vagina pic! :) To be honest, my first thought was Hope when I saw it. The ice melting, breaking apart, water underneath... spring is coming. Hope.

    As far as writing, I agree with all the previous posts. This is YOUR space, Paige and you do what you want with it. You are kind enough to share it with the world to help others know they are not alone. It's brave and courageous. If this is still what you want to do, then please continue. Only stop because you want to - but I hope you don't. (no pressure of course)

    As always, Big Hugs -

  13. Do what feels right for you...I just found you and definitely want to know how you are whether it is good, bad, worse or indifferent. Even if you are just sharing photos I am interested.